Keurig Vue Brewer V700 Review

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Skeeter from Skeeter Talks Tech has done a great Keurig Vue Brewer Review in a short video. The Keurig Vue Brewer is the latest addition to the Keurig line with many great new features. Most notably, you can now brew your coffee at a very specific temperature, adjust the size of the serving, and brew iced beverages. Most users have had nothing but great things to say about the Keurig Vue Brewer. This new model is much quieter when in use which is nice but not a huge factor when you consider that your coffee is finished in about 60 seconds. 
Rather that using the original K-Cups the Keurig Vue Brewer uses something called Vue-Cups. Some people may have a problem with this if they have one of the other Keurig models and would like to swap cups from one machine to the other. Overall, the feedback for the Keurig Vue Brewer has been positive and should prove to be another great product for Keurig.

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