Keurig K Cup Holder Ideas For Your Coffee Pods

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Having a Keurig K cup holder can save you lots of effort in keeping your favorite K cups organized in your kitchen. If you are currently looking for a Keurig K cup holder to store your K cups, then here are some reviews, comparison, tips and information to help you in your search for the perfect one that may meet your preference.
No doubt, it can be a difficult thing to choose when there are so many choices to choose from. But fret not because, here, we will guide and introduce you to the different types of coffee pod holders from many different brands, size and designs. You will also find plenty of information on the details of how each K cup holder works so that it will be an easier way to the best K cup holder for you.
Each of us will have different preference and what is best for each of us will differ from each other. However, we are going to bring a wide range of K cup holders and the pros and cons of each of each types so that it can help you in picking your best K cup holder for yourself or anyone whom you want to get one for.
K cup holders are an interesting lot and if you are someone like me who just love to check out these nifty kitchen storage and accessories, then the information here can provide a lot of information for you.
So, if you are running out of time or want to have a quick look at the top 3 K cup holders that are selling in the market, here they are:

Popular Types of Coffee Pod Holders
There are many type of k cup (single serve coffee pod) holders out there in the stores for you to choose from. Here we will introduce to you to the top popular types of k cup holders and a brief description on how it is like. The holders are as follows:
Carousel K Cup Holder
As you can see, the carousel K cup holder holds your K cups in a circular manner and this type of holder can be spin around hence the name. The carousel holder can hold as many as 18, 27, 35 and even more K  cups depending on the size of the carousel holder.
Drawer K Cup Holder
The drawer K cup holder is like a drawer with compartments that will fit your K cups nicely and neatly in place. The one shown here is the regular single drawer holder but there is more to that! There are drawers of different shapes as well as the tiered ones.
The basket  K cup holder is simple basket-like holder where you can dunk in all your K cups into the basket. This may not be well sorted but it’s still a great holder because basket holders can be stacked up and that makes it one space saving holder for K cups. As for other types of basket holders, you can find some with interesting shapes to make it look more interesting as well as nice-looking to be placed in your kitchen.
Tower K Cup Holder
The tower K cup holder is also simple and easy to use. It keeps your K cups neatly stored where you can see clearly each of your K cups to make it easy for you to pick and retrieve. Some of these tower are with a stand while some allows you to place K cups on both sides and can be spinned around like the carousel holder to let you see the other side of your K cup collection on the tower holder.
Spiral K Cup Holder
The spiral K cup holder is like the carousel except that some may not be able to spin but it has the capability to let the next new K cup to fall into place. Some of the other spiral K cup holder are the ones that is a tower K cup holder but it holds the K cups in a spiral.
Mounted K Cup Holder
If you have built in kitchen cabinets and you are one who likes to make use of extra space that are hideen such as underneath your kitchen cabinets, then this mountable K cup coffee pod holder is perfect for you. It may need some effort on affixing it on the cabinet but once it is done, it is one versatile, space-saving and nifty looking coffee pod holder.
Free Fall K Cup Holder
Now, the free fall K cup single serve coffee pod holder is also a nice storage because it certainly save a lot of space while can store quite a lot of K cups in there! What’s nice about it is that the coffee pod is always there ready for you to retrieve and make your favorite cuppa. One thing about this storage is that it keeps all your coffee pods jumbled together and if you don’t mind surprises such as getting a different flavor K cup each time, this is great. Then again, it shouldn’t be a problem if you filled this storage with only your favorite single flavor or flavors!
Detachable/Portable K Cup Pod Holder
As for the commitment-phobic (just kidding!), or anyone who hasn’t found a place yet or wants to have a portable coffee pod holder to be able to affix it anywhere you want that regular holders can’t fit, then these portable coffee pod pads and sheets will be perfect for you. It is space saving and can hold quite a reasonable number of coffee pods. Even if you have too many coffee pods, you can always get more of these!
K Cup storage are great organizers to add to your kitchen. There are several factors that you should take account of including the space you have, the capacity of the holder, your style of storage as well as your budget. Feel free to read more on each of the storage types that we have here before you purchase the K Cup storage of your choice.

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