How to Clean a Keurig Properly

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For those who are currently looking for tips on how toclean a Keurig properly, this article will give you important information to do so. Keurig is popular brand for coffee maker. Due to its good performance, most people use it every morning before they go to next activity. Brewing coffee using Keurig regularly becomes a morning ritual. However, some problems might occur when a machine is used too often. In case of coffee brewing machine, clogging is the most common problem. It is not only reducing its performance significantly, but also potentially making it out of order.
Before we begin to discuss about how to clean a Keurig properly, it will be better if we understand its component. Some of those components are crucial parts where cleaning is mostly required. The most important component of a Keurig is water reservoir. As the name suggest, it is the place where the water used for brewing is contained. It is closed by lid. Mug stand is the part where you can put cup or mug in it. The spilling coffee will be accumulated in the space underneath it. The K-cup holder is used to contain coffee. The coffee filter is placed in it to strain its fine powder during brewing process.
Steps on Cleaning Keurig
The first step on how to clean a Keurig is preparing equipment and ingredients. As the cleaning agent, you will need vinegar. It is important to use white vinegar variety for this process. Other vinegar variety such as apple cider vinegar is also able to clean the coffee machine. However, it has strong flavor that might left on the machine. In addition to the strong flavor, it also has the potential to damage its filtration system. White vinegar itself also has high concentration. Therefore, it might be best to prepare some water as well. The water will be used to dilute white vinegar to reduce its concentration. Clean cloth is the only equipment needed. It will be used to dry each component after the cleaning process is complete. 
After all the preparation is set, it is time to start the cleaning process. The first line of order is to unplug its cable. Despite being a simple task, it is necessary if you want to know how to clean a Keurig properly. When the coffee machine is plugged to electricity, the chance is you might accidently turn it on during the cleaning process. This will not able to electrocute you, but also damage the brewing system. In order to prevent the coffee machine from malfunctioning, it is highly recommended to unplug it first. Some people often ignore this step. Their coffee machine will not last longer. Keep in mind that you need to plug it back if the cleaning process is done so that it is ready to use again.
Disassemble the components of your coffee machine is the next step of how to clean a Keurig. Do not disassemble it completely. Make sure to strip the removable components only. The components that always make contact with any brewing ingredients need to be prioritized. Water reservoir and k-cup holder serve as container for water and coffee. Therefore, it needs to be disassembling as well. Despite mug is merely a place where you put mug, it contains spilled or dripped coffee from your mug. Strip this removable component along with reservoir and k-cup.  

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Now the fun part of how to clean a Keurigbegins. Wash all of those components using warm water. Use cleaning agent such as soapy water to help you removing the dirt inside it. Rinse the cleaning agent with clean water to make sure that they are not containing leftover detergent. The remaining detergent on those components might give unpleasant flavor and make the coffee taste terrible. This fun part ended with drying the removable components. It is also important to clean the non-removable components of your coffee machine. Dirt on dust might make its surface dirty. Assemble all of the components back to its place and plug the cable.
When brewing coffee using coffee machine, some of its chemical substance might be deposited on the system. Descaling this deposit is also included in how to clean a Keurig. This is why you need to prepare white vinegar on the first place. Dilute white vinegar in water at the same proportion. Pour it on the water reservoir. Turn on the coffee machine to initiate brewing cycle. Some people do not include k-cup on this process, while the rests do. It does not really matter since the diluted white vinegar will clean it all anyway. Try to brew hot water out of it. 
It is not recommended to consume the brewery of hot diluted white vinegar. Just pour it in the sink away. Repeat the same process until you cannot smell the vinegar flavor out of it. Once the water reservoir is empty, refill it with fresh water. Brew another hot water using this coffee machine. The strong vinegar flavor should be gone at this rate. That is how to clean a Keurig properly. Now you can resume to your daily morning ritual of making coffee. 
Importance of Cleaning and Descaling Keurig Regularly 
As it goes with other machine, coffee machine also needs regular maintenance. Understanding about how to clean a Keurig is not enough. In some cases, the coffee machine has some issues related to its performance. For instance, the water line might be clogged. If this should happen, blow it with straw to remove the clogging. 
Cleaning and descaling a Keurig regularly will also make the coffee machine last longer. It is not only gives the best performance, but also maintains the coffee to have consistent taste. Most people who do not know how to clean a Keurig properly will end up having trouble with their coffee machine. Descaling process is also as important as cleaning process. Therefore, it is highly recommended to do both of those procedures regularly, particularly when the coffee machine starts to have troubles.

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