How to Easily Descale Keurig with Vinegar

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In this occasion, we will briefly discuss the Simple Tips to Descale Keurig Coffee Maker, especially to descale Keurig with vinegar. There will be smaller parts in the machine that are involved, so it might be a little discouraging task to do the cleaning. However with some steps, you can do the cleaning yourself. There are 3 steps involved in cleaning your Keurig.

What You Need to Descale Keurig with Vinegar

Before you Descale Keurig with Vinegar, for the start you may need some stuffs, such as paper towels, kitchen towel (or you may use microfiber cloth if available), dish washing liquid, paper clip, all-purpose cleaner, new tooth brush, drinking straw. Moreover, if you have the coffee maker 2.0, you need Keurig 2.0 maintenance accessories. The main cleaner ingredients are vinegar and water.

Steps Needed to Descale Keurig with Vinegar

The first step to descale Keurig with vinegar is cleaning the removable parts. Before cleaning or taking apart this step, you need to unplug the machine. It is no fun to get electrocute while you are cleaning it. Furthermore, do the cleaning in the clutter-free and well-lit room.

Secondly, remove its lid and the water reservoir. The instruction of cleaning the lid is usually tagged under the lid. It usually recommends you to use damp cloth to clean it. Moreover, you can clean the reservoir in relatively easy way and it is perfectly okay with dishwasher. Please be cautious when removing the water reservoir. Do not misplace the O-ring, or the next time you use the machine, it will leak.

Furthermore, remove the k-cup holder and also the funnel. Be cautious with prickly needles that penetrate the Keurig cups. The next is removing drip tray and its cover. These parts are of dishwasher-safe materials. However, for optimal cleaning, you can put the parts into warm and soapy water for about 15 minutes. Take them out then rinse and wipe it.

If you want to wash the washable parts with dishwasher, be cautious as it can give the issues to your plastic parts. Some complains stated the water reservoir warps and turns cloudy. The cause might be from the dishwasher, detergent, and the hot water. A gentle wipe with soft cloth is what you need to clean this part, never attempt to scrub it. If the explanation to Descale Keurig with Vinegar seems too short, the following is the detailed instructions.

First, clean the K-cup thoroughly with tooth brush. You may use it to clean the ground coffee around and in the holder space. After that, clean the holes piercing the K-cup with paper clip. The holes are easily to get clogged with minerals and coffee residue. Therefore, you should wiggle it inside them. Find something smaller if you feel the holes are too small for the paper clips.

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During the process to Descale Keurig with Vinegar, the water line might be clogged. So, be aware of this. If the clogging happens, just jiggle the paper clip inside the holes, and then put it back before finishing the descaling process. Since they are just water lines which have no moving parts, you should not worry about breaking things inside them. To dislodge anything that remain inside it, you can turn the machine upside-down and tap it gently.

Secondly, clean the water line. Use a straw to help the cleaning. Find the spout of water line and connect it with the straw. To avoid air leakage while you blow the straw, seal it with your fingers. Blow the straw to dislodge any residue inside water line. Blow it hard. You may skip this step if you cannot dislodge any debris inside it with hard blow.

Thirdly, clean the machine with all-purpose cleaner. Clean the outside parts with soft cloth or microfiber cloth for all-purpose cleaner. Instead of spraying the cleaner onto the machine’ surfaces, spray it first on a clean soft cloth and wipe it gently on the surfaces. This will keep cleaner from getting into the unwanted parts. As an alternative of the cleaner, you may use soapy water then finish it by rinsing with clean damp cloth.

The fourth step to Descale Keurig with Vinegar is cleaning the water reservoir and also the mesh. Take out the water reservoir and empty the remaining water. Take out the water filter as well (if the Keurig equipped with it). Put it under your tap. Turn the tap to the max and allow it flush the mesh filter to dislodge the dirt.

Some white scaling may appear around the reservoir vicinity. You can clean it with white vinegar. Wipe the spot with paper towel that previously damped with white vinegar. For stubborn scales, you way soak the spot with vinegar and let it sit to penetrate the scales before wiping it with damp cloth and clean water. The inside part of reservoir can have scales as well. It usually caused by mineral build up, kind of limescale. These white and hard substances build up inside the machine. If your water contains high level minerals (hard water) and you let it to evaporate, these scales may build up.

You can get rid your Keurig of these scales with descaling process with white vinegar. The steps are simple. After cleaning the outer parts, reassemble your Keurig into 100% functioning coffee maker. Then, pour white vinegar into the water reservoir with equal part of water. Turn on the machine and run the brewing circle to do some “hot vinegar-water” making. Discharge the hot vinegar once the cycles are completed.

In addition, do these brewing-discharging processes until the machine’s water reservoir is empty of vinegar. Refill the reservoir with water, and brew the water. Discharge the water until it is void of water. This step is to remove the vinegar from the machine system. Now, when the reservoir is clean of scales, you can make your coffee again. Those are some Tips to Descale Keurig with Vinegar. It is so easy to do with just a simple ingredient: white vinegar.

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