Easy Method on Descaling Keurig

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Keurig is a famous brand of brewery machine. This coffee maker can be found in almost all houses and offices. Despite being popular, some people apparently do not know about the proper way to descale hard deposit on its filter. Descaling is not only able to maintain its performance, but also increase the coffee taste as well. The methods of descaling Keurig are relatively easy. It does not need any complicated technique. It can be performed with simple ingredients such as vinegar or citric acid. Cleaning solution is also an alternative cleaning agent to get rid of hard deposit on Keurig. The method used to descale this coffee machine is started with preparation steps.  
The preparation step of descaling Keurig involves removing the cup called as k-cup pack out of the brewer. It can be done by removing the lid first. Under the lid, there are both cup holder and funnel. Take both of them out carefully. Since the lid is already removed, the water reservoir can be taken out easily at this point. Pour the water away and replace it with fresh water. Remember to turn this machine off on this procedure. As mentioned before, vinegar and citric acid are common descaling agents. 
Using Vinegar to Descale Keurig
Descaling Keurig with vinegar is relatively easy and can be done in short time. Once the reservoir has been removed from the brewing machine, fill it with water half way. Use vinegar to fill the rest of water reservoir. Make sure that vinegar used here is distilled white vinegar variety. Avoid using vinegar without water for this process. That will potentially damage the brewery machine. Apple cider vinegar is not good variety for this procedure. Despite it gives the same effect, it will need you to clean the water reservoir extra clean. If the water reservoir is not clean, apple cider vinegar will left its flavor on the reservoir. 
The next step on descaling Keurig is to place the water reservoir on the brewery machine. Make sure that it is placed perfectly so that it can work properly. It is time to check whether the diluted vinegar does its job or not. Do not test it by brewing coffee directly after cleaning. Brew hot water instead. It is also not recommended to drink the hot water from the brewing machine afterward. Throw away the hot water and repeat the same process until “add water” indicator is on. This process is merely used to begin the brewery circle. Let the leftover diluted vinegar to stay on the water reservoir for four hours before adding water. 
After for hour, remove water reservoir from the brewing machine. In this final step of descaling Keurig, it is important to pour away the diluted vinegar inside the water reservoir. Rinse the water reservoir to make sure there is not diluted vinegar left. Despite the diluted vinegar is not found on the water reservoir anymore, the system of this brewing machine still has it inside. Flush it with water to make sure it is completely clean. On the first brewery, the vinegar smell might still strong. Do not worry since it will diminish gradually as it is used on the next brew. 

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Using Citric Acid to Descale Keurig
Besides vinegar, citric acid is also strong agent used in descaling Keurig. Despite the agent used is different, the procedure is surprisingly the same. It is started by preparing the descaling agent. Dilute two tablespoons of citric acid in one liter of water. It is the same as four cups of water. Citric acid can be easily found on supermarket or food store under the label as sour soda. Stir the solution until the citric acid is completely diluted in the water. Put it aside while you removing the water reservoir from its brewing machine. 
If the water reservoir is empty, fill it with diluted citric acid. If it is filled with some water, pour the water away before filling it with diluted water. This descaling Keurig method also needs to be tested. It is important to make sure the diluted citric acid also descale the system inside it as well. Try to brew a cup of hot water. Repeat the same process until the water reservoir is completely empty. The hot water will taste unpleasant. Therefore, it is recommended to throw it away instead of consuming it. 
Wash the water reservoir as it is out of diluted citric acid. Make sure that it is washed completely to make sure there is not diluted citric acid left. The step of descaling Keurig with citric acid is complete. The brewing machine is ready to use. Fill the water reservoir with new water. Do not brew coffee afterward since the leftover diluted citric acid on the system might affect its taste. Instead, try to brew hot water from it. If the flavor of citric acid is gone, it means that it is already safe to brew coffee. 
Some people are descaling Keurig using cleaning solution. It is alternative descaling agent aside from diluted vinegar and diluted citric acid. Since the brewing system comes in different size, it is recommended to make sure that descaling agent used in this procedure is in the right proportion. The procedure of using cleaning descaling agent is the same as using the previous agents. Remove the water reservoir and fill it with this particular solution. Brew hot cup of water afterward to create new brewing cycle. 
Repeat this testing procedure until the water reservoir is empty. Refill it with fresh water to start brewing. The first brew might provide bad taste. Therefore, it is highly recommended to pour it away. After several cycle, the taste should be gone. It means that you can start using it to brew your favorite coffee. The procedure of descaling Keurig is commonly taking up to 30 minutes until it is ready to be used for brewing. If the descaling procedure is performed correctly, the brewing machine should give its best performance and last longer.

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