How to Descale Keurig with Everyday Materials

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Keurig coffee machine is something people nowadays consider as a staple among kitchens. Coffee fans consider it as a life saver. However, even coffee machines such as Keurig will have no choice but to face lime scale every now and then. Therefore, it is time to learn how to descale Keurig before everything’s too late; coffee turns into a morning diarrhea, Keurig machine works like a lawnmower cleaning up a dessert, and such. Lime scale inside Keurig machine is indeed toxic and unappetizing toward the coffee, to the point where even the performance of the coffee machine goes down from hero to zero.
Descaling Keurig machine will become a rather frequent activity, especially for fans of coffee. It is a top priority to keep the Keurig machine out of lime scale. Doing it perfectly may sound expensive, but creative mind has found its way toward easy and cheap solutions for it. Vinegar and lemon juice are two materials everyone can get, and they will serve as the trump cards in descaling the Keurig. Here are the guides of how to descale Keurigusing both materials. But before descaling, remember to take out k-cup packs from the Keurig, remove liquid substance inside, clean up the filter, and turn off the power button.
Vinegar on the Double
Both vinegar and lime have something in common: Acid. Due to the acidic nature of vinegar, descaling Keurig can now be done quick and cheap. Carry on and read how to descale Keurig using vinegar here and now!
1.     A mixture of vinegar and water inside
Due to the powerful acidic behavior of vinegar, it is not advised to simply pour undiluted vinegar straight into the Keurig. Else, the Keurig will be damaged inside. Pour the vinegar into the half part of the water reservoir. For the remaining hollow space, fill it with water just before the tip of the filler.
2.     Start your engine!
Once the water reservoir is filled with diluted vinegar, prepare a mug beneath the spout. For safe result, aim for a medium-sized mug to avoid overflowing. This should be done to prepare the brewing of the Keurig. Turn on the Keurig and wait until the diluted vinegar inside turns hot. Now, it’s time to brew a cup of hot water and throw it out. This step is important in order to fully remove and descale the lime scale thoroughly inside. Repeat the brewing and pour the water outside until there’s almost nothing left inside the reservoir. 

3.     A time to chill

After knowing how to descale Keurig by mean of vinegar, you will find out that it takes quiet a long time to finish the whole process. Just before the reservoir is almost empty, an indication “Add Water” will be activated. This is the cue for the remaining vinegar inside to do its final job. Keep turning on the Keurig and wait for 4 hours to enable the vinegar to clean up the rest of the scale. After 4 hours waiting, start filling the reservoir with fresh water and pour the vinegar and water into the sink. Try to remove all of the vinegar from the reservoir.
4.     Fill. Remove. Repeat.
Similar to the second step, it’s time to fully remove any trace of vinegar inside the Keurig machine. Start filling the reservoir with fresh water and brew it. Prepare the previous mug to brew the water and throw it out. This step will remove the vinegar slowly, although a strong aroma of vinegar might appear at first. Each time you brew the hot water, the fragrance will gradually disappear. Repeat the process until the reservoir is truly empty.
Life Gives Keurig Lemon or Lime
While lime water is commonly used as another material to descale Keurig coffee machine, other citric acids work wonder too. Whatever citric acid you use, the steps of how to descale Keurig remain similar.

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1.     Mixing the tape, again
First of all, it’s important to prepare the mixture of citric acid. A liter of pure water equals 1 or 2 tablespoons of the acid. If you’re wondering how to get the citric acid, aside from lime or lemon water, simply visit grocery stores and find it in the canning department. Don’t forget to stir the mixture simple and clean.
2.     Quick attack to the core
Unlike vinegar, mixture of citric acid works almost immediately after it’s poured into the reservoir. The process of how to descale Keurigmachine with citric acid is almost identical to the one with vinegar, regardless. Fill the reservoir with the citric acid solution and turn on the Keurig machine.
3.     Repetitive action with different material
As previously mentioned, it’s time to begin the brewing process. Prepare a medium-sized mug beneath the spout to prepare for the brewing process. Brew a cup of hot water and throw it out. That’s right. The draining process with citric acid is similar to the one with vinegar. This method will be repeated until there’s nothing left inside the reservoir. The biggest difference between using vinegar and citric acid is you don’t have to wait for 4 hours to fully descale the lime scale inside. Immediately after the draining process is over, prepare fresh water and fill the reservoir. Repeat the draining process by brewing the hot water and throwing it away until the reservoir is empty again.
Vinegar and any form of citric acid work well against lime scale. This makes them the perfect solution for your Keurig coffee machine. Take note that a bigger level of lime scaling might require the process to be done twice or more until the Keurig is fully clean. To reduce the lime scaling inside the reservoir, it’s best to use filtered water for brewing the coffee. Distilled water may sound promising as well, but only several Keurig machine models can work well with it. Regardless, you can rest assured with the descaling process after knowing how to descale Keurig coffee machine using vinegar and citric acid. Remember, it’s not about doing things diligently, but it’s about working effectively and efficiently!

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