How To Make A Perfect Cafe Cubano (Cuban Coffee) With The Nespresso Machine

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Cafe Cubano, or Cuban coffee, is a type of espresso that originated in Cuba after the country’s first espresso machines were imported from Italy. Café Cubano is espresso that is sweetened with natural brown sugar as it brews! Today, we’re going to be using premium Nespresso compatible capsules from HiLine Coffee to make Café Cubano. First, insert a HiLine capsule into your Nespresso machine. 
Before brewing, add a teaspoon of natural brown sugar or raw sugar into the bottom of your espresso mug. Now press the lungo button to pull your espresso shot. The steamy espresso brewing directly into the sugar will create a sweeter espresso than adding sugar after the brew.  Enjoy traditional Cuban espresso the way it has been prepare for centuries at home using your Nespresso machine.

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