How To Attach a Pannarello Wand

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In this articles, you will learn how to properly attach a Pannarello Wand. If you’ve had issues with a Pannarello Wand slipping off during use this articles should help solve the problem. Here are the five parts of a pannarello wand:We have a Nut, a small hard plastic gasket, a larger soft rubber gasket, the inner wand and the frothing sleeve The most common cause of wand slippage is missing one of the gaskets which make up the compression fitting and holds the wand firmlyon the steam pipe. Lets take a wand off a machine.  
First pull off the outer frothing sleeve. Depending on the specific wand type there is a notch or hole. Air is pulled in through the notch or hole helping to create froth during steaming. If these are clogged with milk residue, poor or no frothing can result. This area should be cleaned after each use. With the outer sleeve removed, we see the inner wand. The inner wand should be cleaned of milk residue after each use as well. Next we’ll unscrew the cap nut while holding the inner wand so it does not turn. When the nut is lose, we can carefully pull of the inner wand. But be careful! The smaller hard plastic gasket will fall or slide easily off the steam pipe. Be sure not to lose this piece. 
The larger rubber gasket will usually remain inside the wand when it is removed. It can be removed with a tweezers or wedged out with a small screw driver, To replace the wand first put the cap nut over the steam pipe. Next place the smaller hard plastic gasket on the steam pipe. You’ll need to hold this in place while sliding the larger rubber gasket over the pipe. This piece is kind of snug. If you have problems sliding it on, getting it wet will make it easier to slide up. Be sure to slide the gasket up higher than the end of the pipe. 
Next, slide on the inner wand and screw down the cap nut securely. Then push the outer sleeve onto the inner sleeve. Once assembled, pull on the top of the wand to make sure it is attached snuggly to the steam pipe. Pannarello wands come in a number of varieties but they all share the same parts so this procedure is the same regardless of style. Remember keep your wand clean for best frothing performance and keep your eye on those little gaskets. If you’ve lost any parts, replacement wands are available from Whole Latte Love Canned closing VO.

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