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Get ready for a new standard in variable temperature electric kettles. Introducing the Bonavita 1 liter and 1.7 liter variable temp electric kettles both accurate to within one percent of user set temperature. The kind of temperature accuracy demanded by those into technical brewing of pour over coffee and tea. Both kettles are UL rated for commercial use in the United Sates. Unlike other kettles, users can set a specific temperature and get real-time display of the actual temperature in the kettle at all times. Bonavita’92s unique engineering assures no temperature overshoot. A common problem with other kettles. 
As these kettles near their set temp, Heating is gradually reduced so they arrive precisely at their set temperature. And while the competition typically offers 5% temperature accuracy and no temperature display, Bonavita kettles are accurate to within 1% and always display the actual water temperature To assist in technical brewing, When kettles are removed from their bases a count-up timer becomes available on the display. The one liter model features a goose neck spout for precise control in pour over brewing. The 1.7 liter has water level indication window. Both kettles are made of stainless steel with a brushed exterior. 
The bases are cool to the touch when removed so are safe to set on any countertop. They heat from room temp to boiling in approx. 5 minutes. Power cords are long.  Excess cord can be wrapped into the base to keep countertops neat. Base covers are provided for use in high-volume commercial applications. They can remain on the base while kettles are in use to reduce mess and make clean-up easy. Bonavita Variable temp Electric kettles – Capable, Durable, Commercial Rated and exceptionally engineered to meet the needs of casual users right on up to highly technical coffee shop pros.

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