Can You Put Milk in a Keurig

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Can You Put Milk in a Keurig – I’m going to be making coffee in front of your face today, I’ll tell you right now, we’re gonna be making coffee with milk. So this idea comes to us, if you’re interested in doing that you really just need to be careful about how you clean your gooseneck kettle.

If you want to try it, a different way there’s a couple of other methods, you can use. So today we’re going to be using a French Press and we’re gonna brew our French Press with milk instead of water, over the course of last night, I also set up with a cold brew, so I made this cold brew, the way that you normally would make a cold brew but instead of water.

I popped in some milk and then I put it in the refrigerator, unlike other cold room methods that tricky, you can sometimes do where you leave the cold brew out on the counter top to let it seep in a little bit warmer temperatures, you’re definitely not gonna want to do that with milk go ahead and put that puppy in the refrigerator and it still works.

I would leave it maybe a little bit longer than you would, if you were gonna leave it on the counter top, so maybe like a 12 hour brew time instead of 8, so there we go I turned out pretty good, it’s a little bit late. I might have wanted to leave it, a little bit longer, put it in a little bit earlier but we’ll try this one out at the end of the articles today, in the meantime I’m gonna go ahead and make us our French Press with milk.

So here we go things that you’re gonna need, it’s a 1 to 16 ratio, so what I’ve gone ahead and measured out 13.2 grams of coffee, we’re using dogwoods mixtape coffee. I’m a big fan of dogwood because it tastes good and then we’ve got a whole milk that we’re gonna be brewing up right here, so the tricky part is you’re going to want to have your milk to the right temperature without burning it, so the tricky thing about it is howdy, how do you do that there’s a couple of things you can do.

If you want to use a microwave at home like I probably would I’d probably just go home and pop it in the microwave and then like make a French press with it, not everybody’s gonna want to do that like geez, what’s his name, what’s that one dude’s name gordon ramsay, if you’re Gordon Ramsay you’re gonna avoid the microwave, if you’re Clementine, you’re not but I also don’t have a microwave here and we do have a steam wand, so here’s where it gets topsy tricky typically it when you’re aerating milk, you’re gonna want to aerate it, you’re gonna want to fill it with air, we’re just trying to heat it up though, we’re trying to get it to a good temperature and we don’t really need the milk to aerate all that much.

Can You Put Milk in a Keurig

So you kind of have to know what the sounds are indicating when you’re steaming and I’m gonna show you what that looks like, so we’ve got our 32, let’s start at the beginning though while we’re brewing, we’ve got our 32,2 grams of coffee, we’ve got our 515 grams of milk, they were both measured in grams, so there you go that’s what they are and I’m gonna grind coffee to a coarse grind, so let’s start with that.

I probably should have put the lid on definitely recommend lids as you know general policy, and then you just go ahead and you pull up your coffee in and you can see it inside there, that it really is coarse and that’s what you want for a French Press unlike espresso or Turkish coffee, might sort of be the opposite extraction process espresso.

You’re forcing the water through the coffee beans the ground coffee, so you’re not allowing the water to spend very much time with your coffee, so you want the grounds to be finer in the case of a French Press, you’re gonna let the coffee steep for 4 minutes, so in that case, if it’s too fine it will over extract, so you want the coffee grounds to be larger.

Step 2 in this process is to heat up the milk, so if you are handling some ramadhir here typically when you’re brewing coffee, you wanted to get to 200 degrees but we don’t want to burn the milk, so I’m gonna actually try and get it to about a 100 and 40, somewhere between 140 and 160, you’ll see that she went to 140, when you’re steaming your milk, you’re gonna choose to do it, this way just avoid aerating it as much as you can, because it’s already gonna be pretty full and your pitcher and the more aeration, you add to the milk the higher, it’s going to come up, so here I’m gonna aerate it for a second, so it’s not screaming at me and then I’m going to dunk it under the surface until it, gets to temperature great made some scary noises there thought, I was gonna die but we’re fine.

Can You Put Milk in a Keurig

Can You Put Milk in a Keurig

I’d say it grew about an inch and made it, all the way up to about a 100 and 50 degrees, so before it cools down too much what I’m going to do is add it to our coffee grounds, can we mix it up like a French press like a regular French press and then we’re gonna set a 4 minute timer with my phone, we’ve got our 4 minute timer going and then once that goes off, we’re going to come back and press the coffee down.

So we’re all set then about 4 minutes, so let’s press this down whenever you’re pressing down the French press, try and go slow, we’ve also got our a cold brew coffee, yeah let’s actually try on side by side, so this we made this in the rumble dryer, it’s kind of cool because you just put the coffee in the middle and then poured the milk over the top, let it sit, it’s like really easy.

Can You Put Milk In A Keurig Instead Of Water

Let’s begin step number one, let’s have our coal true, it’s the same coffee mix tape from Dogwood Cold Brew versus French Press Brewed with a milk extraction, they’re both really late, let’s see what they do you think, it’s good tastes, great tastes like coffee tastes, like coffee with milk tastes, like coffee with milk creamy coffee tastes, really good, so hot coffee versus cold coffee.

They both taste like coffee and they taste like coffee with milk, so that’s delicious, I’m gonna tell you right now, if you want to just use milk instead of water, you can really use alternative milk too and it’s a snap, it’s really easy to do, you can do it at home, you can do it on the go, if you have a good place to store your milk, it’s about as easy, as anything else and it tastes just a creamy your cup.

So there you go not impossible, not horrifying, not totally weird, just a creamy cup what happens, if you drink them both at the same time probably, you spill it all over your shirt, let’s give it a try, I’m not gonna do that, I just feel like, I figured that out in the second grade, I don’t we all know what’s gonna happen, all right I got it, that’s interesting definitely would recommend drinking two different brew styles made with milk, at the same time that is a unique experience all right, thanks for sharing this moment with me.

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