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There are several Keurig accessories, such as an attractive carousel, to complement the single cup brewers. Get one or all of them to ease the use of Keurig. The following are some useful Keurig accessories for the single cup system.
You can find the Keurig Mini Plus and a wide selection of delicious coffees and teas in the patented Keurig K Cups at local department stores or you can order the Keurig mini plus and the coffee and tea K Cup packs online at pre holiday savings now. The Keurig mini plus model B31 makes a great holiday gift, especially with an assortment of delicious coffees and teas to go with it. Don’t delay. Quantities are limited.
In terms of price, keurig products are more expensive than Cuisinart products. But this is somewhat justifiable because keurig products offer more special functions than Cuisinart products. Because of the price more regular buyers are encouraged to purchase more Cuisinart products. Coffee businesses would prefer heavy duty products although these are more expensive. Still, their quality is the same as the brewers used at home. Indeed, good quality coffee is produced using these products.
There are quite a few different Keurig models and they come in all shapes and sizes. You’ll be able to find brewers that are perfect for the office, home, dorm rooms, etc. Some are very basic while others are fancy with a lot of extra features. With all the different models it can be hard to determine which one will best meet your personal coffee needs. When I purchased my first Keurig I ended up taking it back a few weeks later to upgrade to a different model that had some features that were lacking in my original Keurig, so it’s important to do your research to find out which one is going to be your best bet. To help you out I’ve reviewed some of the more popular Keurig machines at various price levels to make your life a little easier.
The Mini Plus brewing system by Keurig is the perfect coffee maker for those of us on the run. It will brew you an absolutely perfect cup of coffee every single time, and you’ll have your cup in just about 2 minutes. But coffee isn’t the only thing this brewing system will make.
If you’re looking for how to descale your Keurig coffee brewer, then chances are your indicator light went on or you may be experiencing an issue with the water intake and it’s ability to brew a full cup of coffee. When I first noticed my Platinum brewer was making the sounds of drawing in water but little or nothing was being taken in and only partially coming out, I got nervous. I was afraid that this was a sign that my beloved coffee maker was wearing down. I unplugged it and turned it back on and that seemed to work for a while but I came to find out there is more maintenance to be done. So far, with regular descaling cleaning, I’ve had my platinum brewer going strong for over 6 years now.
People love their coffee, so it’s no surprise that Keurig coffee brewers have become increasingly popular over the past few years. What’s so great about the Keurig coffee makers in comparison to regular old coffee makers? Well, the Keurig allows you to brew one cup at a time rather than brewing an entire pot. It typically takes less than a minute to brew a cup of coffee with the Keurig, which is another plus if you happen to be running late! It has really brought convenience to a new level for coffee lovers. Feel like having a midday cup of coffee? No problem, just brew a single cup and enjoy!
As you now know, there are many different types of Keurig Coffee Makers available now on the open market, but the B70 is by far the best of the bunch for the following reasons:
Here is a great tip from a guest to this lens:  she uses her Keurig to make Jello!! Fabulous, wouldn’t have thought of that one on my own! Great idea! What a time saver! If you want a nice cup of hot cocoa or that perfect cup of tea, the Keurig mini plus can do that too  even iced beverages will be made to perfection. This can be done in just under two minutes.
If you enjoy coffee or tea, you’re going to love the fact that the Keurig mini plus includes a variety pack of 12 delicious coffees and teas that you can sample in your new mini brewer. The unique one serving coffee and tea packages that are used with the Keurig B31 are called K Cups. Each K Cup contains its own filter for brewing so there’s never a mess to clean up, just toss it away when you’re through with your brew.

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