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Keurig 2.0 commercial, the context, shows the reality. It is a progress of the advertising when they dare to narrate their condition to the customers honestly.
Advertising is a kind of visual and audio effect to persuade people in order to buy the product. This is the concept that mostly viewed on the mass media whether as the internet sources, the mass media, or the electronic media. In that case, the interesting phenomenon of the advertising is keurig 2.0 commercial. This becomes interesting to be understood because the scene, the equipments and etc give the idea of the reality. 
This is so different from other advertisings which only show the fake function of the product. Keurig 2.0 commercial shows some items relating to the machine coffee makers such as the keurige 2.0, the glass, the carafe, the little cup, and the way to present the coffee. Moreover, they also present the specifications of the product with some variants details and some designs including the colors. In addition, they also present how to use the product at glance. 
Although some parts in keurig 2.0 commercial look like the hyperbola and exaggerate especially when the scene that the man uses the keurig in the morning, the mail man comes from the window and take the coffee. Immediately, it is followed by two polices and they are already behind the man and say that they will take rest him if he does not allow them to drink. Next, the followed hyperbole comes again and again until the narrator takes a place and speaks a lot about the jargon. Honestly, the other commercials of 2.0 keurig do not dare to show their real condition about their product except this commercial.
Poor commercial
Another idea in keurig 2.0 commercial is the managements of time. As a viewer, I really appreciate their creativity to convert the specifications and the functions only in a few second. Further, some display and the information based on the other advertising can be faked. That is why, you have to be aware to notice whether the commercial represents the real situation of the product r not. That should be noticed in closely because the bad information will impact to the customers itself. 
The poor commercial in keurig 2.0 commercial, recently, tells the impossible ability of the item and they give the lowest price among the rival products. To decrease that problem, it is better that you should seek the information through the internet sources or the magazine with the key word review. Then, the sources will show you the review whether it is good or worse. Mostly, the reviewers are the doers who buy the product. They will narrate honestly their experiences after they have already purchased the keurig commercial 2.0.
The last idea about keurig 2.0 commercial is the bonus that you will get. Based on the view of the commercial keurig 2.0, they mention that they will give the support items to complete the service such as the plastic object clear and the seat filter for the cup. That is the importance part because it becomes the jar when the cup of the coffee is getting a leak even the pattern of the hole on the surface will absorb the leaking coffee quickly.

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