The Benefits Of The Keurig 2.0 Reusable Coffee Filter

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One of the best alternatives to those expensive ‘K-cups’ that come packaged with a Keurig coffee machine is the keurig 2.0 reusable coffee filter. In this guide, we will take a closer look at the benefits you’ll experience by using one of these reusable alternatives, and why it makes an excellent choice over the traditional K-cup.
Firstly, the keurig 2.0 reusable coffee filter is a little different to use than the usual K-cup. As you’ll already know if you’ve been using Keurig machines for awhile, the K-cup is essentially a simple plastic container which has its very own coffee filter inside.
While this makes for a quick, clean, and delicious coffee – it certainly runs up an expensive coffee bill at the end of each month. Of course, this is great news for Keurig, and they make an excellent profit by providing coffee in this way – but for many, it just gets too expensive.
This is where the keurig 2.0 reusable coffee filter really shines. It’s possible to pick these filters up for just over $10 on Amazon, and due to its reusable nature, it’ll last you for a long time to come. The obvious downside is that it takes a little more time to make a coffee (and you have to factor in the 30 seconds cleaning time between use), but overall, you’ll be making huge savings compared to relying on those K-cups.
So what do people who have bought this keurig coffee filter have to say? Well, you’ll be pleased to know that Keurig’s own reusable filter is considered a best seller on Amazon, and it holds a steady 4 star rating, despite receiving almost 4,000 individual reviews. 
In general, these reusable filters are hugely favored by the most frugal coffee lovers – those people who don’t want to spend more than they need to, but still appreciate a superior cup of coffee in the morning. 
However, it does require some fine tuning and calibration to get the most out of this reusable filter. Many users report issues with increased splash back when making the coffee, and many people also recommend using a finer grind of coffee, as this is best suited for this kind of filter. So if you don’t mind the slight learning curve and changing to a finer grind, you’re unlikely to have any issues with this filter at all.
The final thing to keep in mind when using the keurig reusable coffee filter is you need to be fairly quick with rinsing it after use. While this can be a chore, it’s actually very simple to do. You simply detach the filter and rinse it under running water for 25 to 30 seconds. This should be plenty of time to clean the filter out, and keep it ready and fresh for its next use.
With that said, this coffee filter is definitely one of the best reusable options currently available. Once you get to grips with the few changes you’ll need to make, you’ll really wonder how you managed to live so long without one.

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