Hamilton Beach Coffeemaker 2 Way Brewer Unboxing

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I’m going to be unboxing a Hamilton Beach coffeemaker. It comes in this box and as you can see it’s just a plain brown box, nothing special about it, no product features or images printed on it just the name.  I’ll put the box away now because I’ve already taken the unit out of the box. The manual is written in English, Spanish and French. And as you can see it’s a 2-way brewer with a stainless steel finish to it, the body is made out of plastic though. On the front we have a control panel with a display, an hour and minute button for setting the time, a program button for when you want the unit to start at a specific time and a brew options button for when you want a bolder and fuller tasting cup of coffee. 

There’s a lever to switch between the single-serve side and the carafe side and of course there’s an on/off button. The coffeemaker comes with a 12 cup carafe and a travel mug with the lid included. On the single-serve side there’s a pod basket for use with pods only, a brew basket and a filter basket. On the bottom of the single-serve side there’s a drip tray, that’s this right here and a multilevel cup rest for those smaller mugs. On the bottom of the carafe side we have a keep-hot plate which keeps your coffee nice and hot. On the top of the unit we find a single-serve side reservoir and the carafe side reservoir. On the top of the unit we also find the brew basket for the 12 cup carafe, it takes cupcake style filters and there are 5 paper filters included. So that was it for the unboxing of this 2-way brewer from Hamilton Beach.

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