Coffee Makers Review: Keurig K400 vs K500

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There is nothing better to wake you up in the morning than a hot cup of coffee. The resounding stimulation that one attains from a cup of coffee can be the difference between a great morning and a not-so-great one. Additionally, coffee can and has been used to enhance relaxation, especially when one is overly exhausted from all the hassles of life.
In all the cases where coffee is drunk, there is one constant element that is highly regarded and upheld – proper brewing of coffee. This is an element of coffee drinking that resounds with all coffee drinkers. For a cup of coffee to produce the desired effects, it must have the right flavor, the right temperature and the right strength.
For this to be achieved, intricate and sometimes unique brewing processes must be employed while making coffee for different people. There is no universality when it comes to coffee flavor, strength and the temperature. More often than not, everyone has their preferences within which they find coffee to be benign.
As you would imagine, making different types of coffee for individual preferences may end up being a very daunting task. However, with Keurig coffee makers, the task is as easy and simple as pressing one button, more so if you are using the K400 or the K500 models. These are some of the best coffee making machines in the world and have become synonymous with coffee brewing in America since their introduction into the market.

Keurig K400 Vs K500

Just as with every product, there are different versions of the product from Keurig. Each model is optimized for different market niches and each is designed differently with different functionalities to it. There is always a great of difference among two model series of the same product by the same company and this is the case with Keurig coffee makers.

Keurig K 400 

The K400 features a lower capacity reservoir than that of the K500 which is capable of storing 70 oz. of water. This is the amount of water that the coffee maker can hold and make available for instance coffee. It features a 2” colored LED display, which can be customized with wallpapers. These particular models do not come with the ability to clean the brewer. However, you can achieve this by simply running a brew cycle without any K-cup in place. The K400 come with a multiple-language capability. It has a selection of English, Spanish and French to choose from. For models with water filters, you can purchase K450 and K460.
The K400 costs around $160 to purchase a K400 coffee brewer.

Keurig K500

This model comes with a larger water reservoir, which can hold as much 80 oz. of water for instant coffee brewing. The colored display is larger at 3.5” with the ability to choose night color (where you can choose either red, green, or white). The K500 has self-cleaning brew option as well as hot-water dispenser option. The machine is also fully programmable where you can pre-set your flavor and strength options as you prefer them to be.
The K500 costs about $190, depending on the store you purchase the machine from.
When comparing the Keurig K400 vs K500, the main difference emanates from the added advantages and option that the K500 dons.

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