Keurig My K-Cup Reusable Coffee Filter Fix

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Alright folks this is something that’s really been buying the cake a verses the mica, you got when those individual coffee brewers, and you’ve noticed your average perfect k cup a coffee every time you use, he’s okay CAS when you try to use a mica, you get kind a weak watered down yet got a coffee mine only there was an accident. 
I think they want you to buy these, but i wanna show you how to get the same got a copy from one of these and it’s really easy okay, so I wanna show you real quick why these individual disposable k-cups work so much better then these reusable Coffee Filter.
If you’ll notice but for some water into it k-cup okay, if under the little hole in it universe, it nice and slow unit for and pressure rises that back up a copy so you’re really good K-Cup a coffee with these with these little guys.
So when you try to make your own coffee with what he’s my cups what happens for waters for you, right out but doesn’t pressure rise at all too so you get this will be your you got a copy from these things and a I don’t think that was an accident but there’s a neat little trick, I gonna show you real quick fix this.
So here’s the trick take one of these use k-cup stirred the top of it he’s a razor blade or you get there is sharp scissors, you cut about the down and just kept the room the top of the cake up all the way around, and don’t use your wife’s good sewing scissors like I’m doing to you my love and our Catholic I often do.
So you have a a your, so you know you have a just the just the k-cup bottom, you them have the this little will filter in there, find me that in when you take your mike up work that don’t although water, through November your copy and dropped the cake etc incised neck, you don’t need that got the cake up inside and now when you brew with your my cap you get that same pressured K-Cup a coffee exactly the same way cause that k-cup works what are you do just drop it, could drop by 20 are used to take up in your mike up couple got the lead of it with all yours to it near-perfect a copy using just regular ground coffee not the expensive cups alright hope I don’t get it figure my bike.

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