Keurig K500 vs K400 Which To Choose?

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The Keurig k500 vs k400
One of the first things that we would like to establish is that you cannot go wrong with a Keurig coffee maker. We have used most models available from the $70 entry level model to even the top of the line ones. They all do a great job. The major difference between different models are the features that they have. So any comparison between models will have to do with the features and the cost. Ultimately, most people will make their purchase decision based on feature & benefits vs the cost and their perceived value of the costlier models.
The Keurig K400
The price differences for the K400 and the K500 can vary by as little as $50 or even as much by $120. Depending where you look online and the current sales, you will likely find a K400 for around $160+ dollars. The K400’s claim to fame is being the first Keurig to add the 2.0 label reading system. This system allow the machine to read the lid of the cup and take in information about the coffee to make the best blend possible. It was also the first that was able to blend multiple cups of coffee vs the one shot offerings before this model.
The Keurig K500
The K500 is the more modern and feature rich improvement on the K400. When we say improvement, we aren’t saying the there is anything wrong with the K400 but that instead the K500 has more features than the K400. The K500 has mastered the multiple cups of coffee system, it also has an anytime hot water dispenser because it can keep warm water at all times of the day. It has the same 2.0 lid reading system but adds creature features like a light system that makes it easier to see at night, more programmable options. 
Which One Is Better? 
The Keurig K500 vs K400 which is better? This is hard to say. You have just read a summary of each machine so now it is up to you to make that decision. We think that any Keurig is a good Keurig. We suggest that you make your decision based on the features that you want the most and choose the Keurig with those features. We aren’t even against choosing one that comes in the color you want because it is as much about style as it is about functionality when putting such a machine into your kitchen. 
As you can see, it is hard telling a potential Keurig which model is right for them. It is so hard because we do not know what you need or value in a coffee maker. What we do know is that most people who end up really liking the Keurig style of coffee maker love using K-cups, they love how efficient the machines are at brewing coffee, they love the taste of the different flavors of available coffee that comes in K-cups and most are happy with any Keurig that they end up purchasing.

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