Why I Bought A Keurig Reusable Cup

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I bought my Keurig about a year ago and at first I loved it. However, as time went on I lost interest in it and started to use it less and less. That is until I bought a Keurig reusable cup to use with it. Suddenly I was in love with the machine again – let me tell you why.
What I really loved about my pod machine at first was a simplicity of it. I’d never had a pod coffee maker before and I found it fun and easy to use. The coffee tasted pretty good too. After a while I guess the novelty wore off though and I started using it less and less.
I came to realize that it wasn’t just the curiosity factor that was causing me to lose interest. When I first got the machine the coffee pods were fairly cheap and I could get a lot of them for a decent price. Nowadays, whenever I go shopping it seems that wherever I look pods are much more expensive than they used to be. I found that kind of irritating and it definitely put me off using my machine.
The other factor that caused me to lose interest was the lack of choice when it came to the kinds of coffee available. Over the past 12 months I’ve really been getting into coffee and I like to try beans from all over the world to see how they taste. You just don’t get that variety and quality with the pre-packaged pods.
That’s where the Keurig reusable cup comes in. Using it opened up a whole new world of coffee for my Keurig machine. I could use any brand of coffee I wanted to and just use the machine to handle the brewing process. What’s more, the reusable cup is easy to use and, importantly for me, really easy to clean – a quick rinse normally does the job.
Now I can try coffee beans from all over the world and brew them up in my Keurig. I’ve even started experimenting by blending a few of my favorite beans to create my own favorites. You can really notice the difference when you grind your coffee beans fresh, immediately before brewing up a cup. It’s noticeably better than coffee from a pod and even pre-ground coffee from a packet – I recommend you give it a try.
Another thing I like about the reusable cup is that it drastically reduces waste. I drink quite a bit of coffee and at the end of the day I used to notice all the old pods I was throwing away. Now, the only waste I have is the used coffee grounds, which I collect and then use as a fertilizer in my garden. It’s definitely a more environmentally friendly way of drinking coffee.
If you’re getting bored with your Keurig coffee machine, or if you’re getting frustrated by the cost of the pods and the lack of choice, I strongly recommend you buy a reusable cup to open up more flavors and options – you won’t regret it.