The Reusable K Cup – What Do You Do With Yours

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There are lots of different things you can do with a reusable k cup – as well as drinking coffee.
They are an invaluable piece of kitchen equipment whenever you go hiking or camping with the kids. What better way to make sure that you’ve got something light, cheap and reusable to take a drink. They’re pretty sturdy and they don’t break easily either. This makes them the perfect vessel for picnics and family outings too – always have a stash of reusable K cups in the car for emergency situations. 
There are lots of other things you can do with these cups too – many of which are more “crafty” than kitchen.
Just as they are the perfect vessel for enjoying a delicious cup of hot coffee – so they are also fabulous for creating iced coffee popsicles. Fill up your k cup with coffee (or whatever other flavor you fancy) and pop them into the freezer. Insert a lollipop stick before the liquid is completely frozen and you’ve got your own ready-made supply of iced coffee popsicles. 
They are also the perfect item to create tiny but beautiful table planters. Simply pop in a few flowers, plants, leaves or whatever else takes your fancy, cover with lace or some other attractive fabric and tie it up with a ribbon. It’s quick, it’s cheap and it’s fancy.
Reusable k cups also make the perfect mold for creating concrete candle holders. They are just about the right size and can be easily snipped after use when it’s time to release the candle holder and decorate it.
Glue together a large number of these reusable cups to make a sphere and you’ve got a modern looking paper lantern. It’s quite surprising how impressive it is yet so cheap and easy to make. Your friends will be extremely impressed at your creativity and will never guess what you’ve made it from.
You can also glue them together to make two spheres – one slightly smaller than the other and stick them together to make a snowman which will never melt. He’ll be light, attractive and easy to decorate with hats, carrots, scarves and whatever else you want him to wear. This is a great fun project for children of all ages – you could even pop him into the loft to wait there until next Christmas.
These cups are also perfect for de-cluttering and tidying up craft areas, dressing tables and more. They are perfect for storing hair accessories, sewing supplies, small craft supplies, buttons, coins and even items of make-up. You can stick them together to make an interesting shape which will make them much sturdier as well as making it easy to pick out whatever item you require.
The number of things you can make with these reusable cups is limited only by your own imagination. You can use them for everything from Christmas snowflakes to Easter chicks and spooky Halloween lights. 
Sit down, enjoy a cup of coffee and let your imagination run wild.

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