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Well known pod coffee machine manufacturer took the next logical step in home drinks preparation when they launched ‘Keurig Kold‘. This hyper advanced machine provided chilled drinks courtesy of the well known ‘pod’ system and reviewers were extremely impressed with the range of flavors available. The lime flavored seltzer and the root beer (as well as the cola) were all crowd favorites.
However Keurig seemed to have missed a home entertainment trick when they neglected to think about mixers for alcoholic cocktails – that is until now. The launch of a new range of pods means that there finally a Keurig for mixed drinks.
The personal beverage giant seems to have got the mixed drink approach just right. Keurig has launched with two cocktail mix brands – Rita’s & Tina’s™ and Union St. Lounge™. The approach makes perfect sense as the flavors supplied are ideal for making up  margaritas and mojito’s in the comfort of your own home. 
For those people who are watching their weight the Rita’s & Tina’s™ Margarita pod is just what is required for guilt free cocktail experience. With just 40 calories (prior to adding your favorite tipple) it’s heavy on taste, but light on the calories. Perfect for a long day’s entertaining. The Union St. Lounge™ mojito offering provides enough mix for a generous 12 ounce serving. Adding a dash of white rum to the mixture makes a perfectly acceptable mojito. Add some mint leaves and a couple of slices of fresh lime and you have a drink that would not look out of place served in Havana.
The Keurig for mixed drinks recipe for success is based on the time tested convenience of the company’s Kold Pods and some very, very smart technology. The Keurig difference is that it makes cocktail menus that much easier to get right – and there’s no mess to clean up afterwards. This makes entertaining an absolute breeze, and even visitors that drop in unannounced can be treated to a professional looking and tasting cocktail.
Anyone purchasing the Keurig Kold for the purpose of making their favorite cocktail or entertaining with panache needs to be aware that the pods do not contain alcohol. So there is going to be that extra cost of purchasing those additives. However the positive to this is that you can choose your own premium brands. too often looking for convenience in cocktails lead to the purchase of premixed cocktails from a liquor store. With only very few exceptions this approach is not going to provide you with a top shelf drinking experience.
The great thing about the cocktail mixers is that they add to Keurig’s already extensive lineup of sodas, seltzers and ice teas. There’s reason to purchase another dedicated system for the production of cocktails – and at a price of around $4.50 for a four pack of pods the Keurig system delivers on value as well.
If you want to transform your home into cocktail central you need to investigate the possibilities of Keurig for mixed drinks.

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