The Advantages Of Keurig Reusable Cup

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Everyone loves their coffee. Do you know anyone who doesn’t love their coffee? The advent of single serve coffee by Keurig has changed the coffee industry. This whole system by Keurig started in the 90s with a small innovation. However, this small innovation has now managed to corner a big portion of the overall coffee market in North America. 
Keurig has not only become synonymous with coffee but thousands of articles have been written regarding the advantages and disadvantages of these cups. Since the invention of these cups, many well-known coffee roasters in the country have started selling their coffee the K Cup versions. Most of the retailers also carry the refills needed for this coffee machine.
However, the problem is that the disposable cups cost a lot of money and people who are really into coffee, need to spend a lot of money in buying those K cups. In addition to wasting money on buying those disposable filters, one also contributes to environmental damage as these plastic filters fill up landfills and do not easily disintegrate. 
There are many advantages of this coffee machine that have made it popular in the first place. One of the biggest advantages of this coffee machine is that it is really easy to make coffee. You just need to add the needed water in the coffee reservoir and put a K cup inside the coffee machine and then place a cup on the right spot and push a button. Your coffee is ready.
Another advantage of this machine is that there is nothing else that can serve your coffee in such a small period of time. All of the steps mentioned above are usually completed in less than a minute. Therefore, you do not need to keep waiting for your coffee. You just need to put in a K cup and push a button and you are ready to drink your coffee.
It is available in a lot of flavors. Another advantage of the wide availability of these flavors is that the coffee enthusiasts get introduced to many different flavors as the cost of tasting a new flavor is not much. All you need to do is buy only a single cup of the new flavor and taste it. It is not going to cost you a fortune. Also, if you do not like it, you can easily start using different flavors in your coffee machine.
Many people like the fact that it is possible to make only a single cup of this coffee machine. It means that there is no leftover coffee and there is no wastage. However, sometimes you have someone over and need to make multiple cups. In such a situation, you will need to go through this process multiple times.
It’s not that everything is right with the Keurig coffee system. It also has many disadvantages.
Many people do not like the fact that the coffee made by this machine is not very strong. It is a diluted cup of coffee. If you are in the habit of drinking strong coffee, you will have to use something else. This coffee machine is not going to serve you right.
As mentioned above, this coffee system is expensive. As compared to a regular cup of Joe, it turns out to be approximately 50% more expensive. Since they have almost a monopoly on the market, discounts are rarely offered.
Even though it is claimed to be widely available in the market, there are times when you may not be able to find your favorite flavor when you need it the most. Most of the grocery stores and department stores carry the most popular flavors. However, if you are a fan of some exotic flavor, you may not be able to find it everywhere.
It is not possible to make drip coffee with this machine. If you want to satisfy your urge of drinking drip coffee, you need to get another machine or use some other method to satiate your palate.
When people started complaining a lot about the high cost of coffee using this coffee machine, Keurig invented a new system to keep its market share. People did not want to keep spending money on disposable cups. Therefore, Keurig introduced the Keurig reusable cup. This reusable filter allows the user to brew freshly ground coffee in the coffee brewing machine.
Now you are not dependent on availability of particular flavors in your grocery stores or department stores. You can use your very own coffee that has been grinded in your home. You just need to pour it into the reusable filter and you are good to go.
This reusable filter is made up of three different parts, the cap, the stem and the filter. For using this Keurig reusable filter, you need approximately 12 grams of grounded coffee. The coffee needs to have fine consistency. You just need to put some of this grounded coffee into the filter and put the lid. Now you may use this filter just like an ordinary K cup in your coffee machine.
This Keurig reusable cup works in a manner similar to the disposable cup and one push of a button will give you that coffee.
There are many advantages of this Keurig reusable cup. First of all, you save a lot of money by using this reusable cup. Earlier, you needed to discard the filter after using it for just one cup of coffee. However, you can use this filter again and again.
Another advantage of this system is that you have complete control over your coffee. You can now adjust the strength of your coffee by deciding the number of grams of coffee. This will help you in getting the desired taste in your coffee. You can also change the taste of the coffee by deciding the grind consistency. 
This Keurig reusable cup is available for less than $15. It is very easy to use and will save you a ton of money. It also keeps the environment safe. It not only saves you money but also gives you total control over the taste of your coffee.

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