Review of the Hamilton Beach 2-Way Flexbrew Coffeemaker

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Today I take a look at the Hamilton Beach 2-Way flex brew coffee maker and see if it’s up to the task now, before you get into testing how well you know performs, let’s see what’s in the box, here’s a closer look a box and here’s what comes in the box, you get the coffee maker itself carafe a basket for coffee grounds and a tray into inserts, one insert is used when brewing k-cup coffee packs, any other insert is win brewing ground coffee.

You also get a manual in a quick start guide, let’s take a close look at the union here, is the display panel which has a clock an indicator on which mood your brewing, you have a choice, I’ll brewing a pot of coffee or a single cup of coffee, either with ground coffee or k-cup coffee packs, you have several options, when brewing for single cup you have the option of selecting the k-cup coffee packs or ground coffee for a look around, yeah the choice brewing regular coffee or bold coffee this button is the power button which starts the brewing process, hour and minute settings and if your brewing a crap a copy, you may program the coffee maker to start brewing at a desired time here’s the hotpot for the coffee maker, and on this side is where you set your individual coffee mug. 

If you have a tall coffee mug, then you can set this tray in the lower position, if you have a small coffee cup, however you may flip the tray over and set your coffee Cup, there you’re making individual serving sizes of coffee, use this insert if you want to brew k-cup coffee packs, for use this in search filled with ground call, this trade goes into this side up the coffee maker as a test.

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Let’s brew a cup of coffee here, I’m going to use coffee grounds and so I feel the insert for ground coffee to the designated Level in search this into the tray and insert that into the coffee maker poor a couple water into the water container, set this to individual serving size: make sure the brew option is on ground place the coffee cup onto the tray and select Brunel up.

Here’s a taste test, this is a you’ll have to excuse me this is a fine cup of coffee, so that’s it for a look at the Hamilton Beach to wait, let’s brew coffee maker when he won an individual cup of coffee with grounds or with the k-cup or your whole perspective to feed the crew or fuel your all nighter, this coffeemaker makes a good cup of coffee.

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