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I just wanted to review Mr. Coffee Single Serve Coffee Brewer, it is a keurig Brewer which means it uses the k-cups, I got it for Christmas this year, it’s been on my list for several years, I finally got it and this is simple machine years, it has to wherever you’re here comes out, it’s best to take it and feel it too the fill line what i am noon instead, well what I usually do instead is take my cup, that I’m going to have a coffee and bring it to the pot important UK everyone. 

So where out their your coffee good in here this is Elaine Ashley k-cup at the start of whole Solid Works was it solid top solo, you don’t take the top over that you thought the whole cup in there, there’s a Nat to that puts a hold up anyone in the bottom, and I also doubt with my pot, I’ve got a set of cafe collapse the their reusable k-cups it comes with a scoop, you measure scoop OK whatever Caroline Coffee, you like but the scope in there shut up when you drop that in there.

Instead of here k-cup down here as over as well or that catches in Egypt just feels that might happen, it also slide keeping fit a bigger travel says couple in their, OK but that is way such a cup this particular Brewer has two sizes, it can do you, it can you well light to initiating again, do you a chance can’t play 60 on skype might have to make two hours to the turnout steps on them, what you have your water in coffee in, it had been placed and your size chosen, you push the brew but more this is the part that takes the longest were you using this machine, she have to wait for the water to heat up have never actually time needed to see, how long it takes, I know when I was a Mac or having my coffee for my instant coffee but it’s like it there, we go see another day hitting lights on when I was using a Mac a wave to the Alliance think of it, I was drinking, it takes a minute and 30 seconds, so mad at her to do it electorate who I should have, so that the background music or something, I’m sorry this part takes a while who her there you go it has done for leaning tube ruled, follows a cup of coffee and progress and so there you have it that is Mr. Coffee Single Serve Coffee Brewer, that I finally have got it for Christmas 2015 and I am madly in love with this machine.

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