Reasons Why Keurig Roaster Machines Are Ideal And How Coffee Boosts Human Health

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I often use it while I’m cooking when I need hot water. For example, I use chicken or beef bases that often requires hot water to make a broth. So, I use my Keurig to give me instant hot water when I need it. I’m sure there are other great uses that I haven’t thought of yet, feel free to sign the guestbook and add them. I would love to add more ideas to this section.
Then there’s the always confusing analysis of electricity cost. It’s probably better to heat up just what is needed for a cup than to perc a whole pot of coffee and then end up throwing it away. On the other hand, Keurig recommends leaving these units plugged in all the time   which is yet another electricity vampire. It is just one more thing to keep that electric meter humming.
What about pollution? These K Cups are plastic. There’s definitely a disposal issue (arguably far less than all the other plastic containers we go through every week) and it’s possible that there is a health issue also. Who knew that BPA was dangerous? There is no BPA here, but there could be something else we just don’t know about now. Keurig insists that there is no danger, but who really knows? Keurig also says they are actively trying to find a more eco conscious way to package these, so they certainly are aware of the problem.
A K Cup is a small cup that is placed into the Keurig to make your hot beverage. They come in a large variety of coffee flavors as well as a large variety of tea flavors. You can also find K Cups in hot chocolate and apple cider. You are sure to find a great variety for not only you but for your entire family. If you can think of a flavor, you can probably find it in a K Cup. Some of my favorites are: Our Blend (Green Mountain), Donut Shop, pomegranate green tea, white hot chocolate, and eggnog. My husband also loves the apple cider.
So the one thing that finally sold me on buying a Keurig Platinum B70 Coffee Maker was the ability to use my own coffee as a cost effective means of enjoying my own gourmet or even inexpensive good coffee such as Maxwell House Columbian Supreme which I’ve been drinking for years. So how was I able to do this you ask?  With a Keurig’s own K Cup filter! This filter fits in all of their home coffee makers, is made of stainless steel and so is reusable not to mention durable. In such the case where you can’t find a coffee (out of 200 different varieties mind you) that Keurig does not offer, you can go ahead and buy your own beans, grind them, and then load them inside the filter to make the coffee to your liking.  One of the things that I didn’t like was to have my options limited or to fall in a kind of coffee bondage in which I’m forced to buy only K Cups for the rest my life just so I can enjoy some home brew. Keurig simply changed everything by making available their ingenius filter, thus re opening my coffee options.
Keurig and its partners (Like Green Mountain Coffee) are striving to bridge the gap between great tasting coffee and materials which are easily recycled. The new Vue brewing system from Keurig maintains great taste and the cups are made from recyclable polypropylene. However, the new Vue packs cannot be used in one of the traditional Keurig brewers.
Keurig designed this smart little coffee maker to fit in anywhere in your kitchen, home office or dorm room and they made it available in a great selection of decorator color choices, including black, green, red, silver and yellow.

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