Making the Most of a Keurig Reusable Cup

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There are lots of different things you can do with a keurig reusable cup – apart from drinking coffee.
Here are a few great ideas about how you can really make the most of these cups, or anything similar for that matter.
  1. Starter pots for seedlings – they are the perfect size to start off your seedlings. Just pop in some compost, add a couple of seeds, remember to water regularly, sit them on your window sill and wait for Mother Nature to work her magic. This is a great and valuable lesson for kids too.
  2. Money pots – they are also the perfect size for children to play with when they start to sort out money. You can use real money (if you have any spare) or buy some terrific sets of plastic money from your local toy store. Children love counting cash – even if it isn’t real and it can help them to learn the value of money and recognize the different coins.
  3. Herbie pots – here’s another terrific idea. It’s best to double up the cups and plug the holes in the bottom with glue or tape then fill them up with fresh, chopped herbs and a drop of water. Now place them inside a mini muffin tin and put them in the freezer.  After they are frozen you can remove the contents by dipping the cup into some warm water and tipping out the herbs, pop them into a bag and back into the freezer. They are perfect for adding to soups, stews and sauces.
  4. Christmas decorations – they are the perfect size for toddlers to use for a little bit of Christmas crafting. Whether you decorate them for hanging on the tree, create some sort of advent calendar or some delightful colored pots for candies is up to you.
  5. They are also great for a little bath time fun – keep a few spare ones handy in the bathroom for fun and frolics in the water. They are also great for toddlers to play with in the sand box.
  6. Stuff the k-cup with cotton wool or some quilt batting and cover with fabric. The result – a home-made pin cushion, how great is that?
  7. Mobiles – these cups are light, easy to work with and very versatile which makes them perfect for mobiles. You can color them, stick them, cut them and do whatever else you want to with them before hanging them up to make a brilliant home made mobile.
  8. They also make perfect make-shift buckets, garbage pails, laundry baskets and more for using in a dolls house.
  9. A keurig reusable cup is about the perfect size to measure out your laundry detergent – or dog food – or cat food – or rabbit food – or something similar.
  10. Of course you can always use these cups for the purpose they were originally designed for – drinking coffee. 

Be creative, let your imagination run wild and think about some more inventive ways to use and reuse these cups.

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