Keurig Mixed Drinks Pods Revolutionize Home Entertainment

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For the legions of pod people out there coffee pod and technology developer and manufacturer Keuirig has just made the world a whole lot more fun – and at the same time made home entertaining an absolute breeze.
The latest Keurig mixed drinks pods have been designed for use with the Keurig KOLD system and supplement the already impressive range of other pods available on Keurigs system For  those who enjoy the wide range of Keurig pods for making ice cold drinks (seltzers, iced teas, sodas, energy drinks etc) the addition of pods for the mixing of classic cocktails is a fantastic developments. Now Mom’s and Dad’s have access to an ice cold adult beverage while the kids can still enjoy a soda courtesy of Keurig KOLD.
The two new pod ranges are courtesy of mix leaders Rita’s & Tina’s™ and Union St. Lounge™. With the pods manufactured by these two companies homebodies can now enjoy two of the world’s most popular, and iconic cocktails – Mojitos and Margeritas. These two types of drinks, provided by the Keurig mixed drinks pods make the perfect foundation for entertaining without the stress and hassle of buying all the ingredients separately. 
Just pop in one of the new pods and within minutes family and friends can be enjoying a perfectly chilled adult beverage. However those purchasing the new pods need to be aware that they are designed to be used as non alcoholic mixers – you’ll have to supply your own alcohol to round off your favorite cocktail.

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This isn’t necessarily a bad thing as you’ll be able to choose top shelf alcohol to make your drinking experience that much more pleasant. In the past ready mixed cocktails purchased from a liquor store certainly didn’t provide top quality ingredients (and you still had to chill and add ice) – that’s now changed.
For those who want to avoid adding those extra pounds while still enjoying a superior cocktail experience the Margarita mix available from Rita’s & Tina’s™ is particularly good news. With only 40 calories it’s the perfect weight watchers refreshment.
The Mojito mix from Union St. Lounge™ is one of the easiest ways to transport yourself to Havana without actually purchasing a ticket or going through the pain and anguish of getting a Cuban visa. Each pod has enough for a generous 12 ounce serving. Add authentic Cuban rum, some lime wedges and a sprig or two of mint and your can sit bad and almost hear the sound of the ocean waves and classic salsa music in the background.
The Keurig KOLD system – and the addition of cocktail mixes is simply the easiest and most convenient way to transform your entertaining from a pain to a pleasure. It’s also great that you don’t have to buy a whole new system for the production of cocktails. You can provide the kids with great sodas while adults (even those who drop in unexpectedly) can enjoy cocktails which boast a taste that that you would enjoy at some of the best bars in the world, courtesy of the Keurig mixed drinks revolution.

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