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Introducing the Keurig K-Express Single Serve Coffee Maker, exceptional coffee, exceptionally affordable, enjoy the rich full flavored taste of your favorite brands and varieties, all fresh brewed in minutes at the touch of a button, choose from hundreds of k-cup pod varieties or brew your own ground coffee with the Keurig my K-Cup, want a bolder brew, use the strong button for a more intense coffee taste in your daily cup and the modern streamlined design makes a big impression in any kitchen, the Keurig K-Express Single Serve Coffee Maker, it’s everything you love about Keurig at one incredible price.

Reusable K-Cups Keurig K-Express Coffee Maker

I’m going to show you How to Use a Reusable K-Cup on Keurig’s latest Keurig Coffee Maker the K-Express Essentials Coffee Maker Single Serve K-Cup Pod Brewer, this is sold exclusively at walmart for 55. I just got it in yesterday and i’ve been doing quite a few reviews on it and i want to show people How to Use a Reusable K-Cup.

So i’ve got the 4 top best-selling Reusable K-Cup from from amazon and then i’ve also got the Keurig, this is the Keurig my K-Cup, it says it’s the new design that’s because it’s got a place for 5 needles but you can also plug those holes and use it for single needle Keurig Coffee Maker, the older one looks exactly like this, but it doesn’t have the 5 holes, and it operates exactly, the same way but these are the Reusable K-Cups, this is the eye parts, this is amazon’s number 1 best-selling, this is perfect pod, this is number 3, this is a little different and then here we have deli brew, it looks identical to this one and then the max wear, this 1 these all 3 look identical they just they’re almost like copycats of each other.

So i won’t be doing these two, i’ll be doing this one here since these two are the same and i’ll be checking the perfect pot both, these work in this machine really well and even this one does too, so with these Reusable K-Cups, they’re the exact same size as a k-cup, so these are the exact same size as a K-Cup, K-Cups hold, 2 tablespoons of coffee and that’s what these can hold too is 2 tablespoons of coffee, it’s got like a wire mesh filter, it’s got a place for the needle to go and then the bottom of its recess, so the bottom needle won’t poke that but it’ll go in that area right there, what’s nice about these K-Cups, you can leave that bottom needle basket in, they just fit like that, there’s a place for the top needle to go and you just close it and brew it, like a normal k-cup now where the my K-Cup is a little different.

So the my K-Cup it comes with this bracket, we’re not going to need this adapter, this is for older type of Keurig Coffee Maker, so this thing is quite a bit bigger as you can see from these Reusable K-Cups, so with this one we open this up, it’s got a basket like this, and this is where you put your coffee grounds in, it’ll hold a little bit more than 2 tablespoons of coffee, it holds almost 2 and a half tablespoons but not quite and you put it in there and then you start with the unlock position and then you screw it to the lock position and make sure it’s down all the way but with this one, we’ve got to remove that needle basket because it doesn’t fit in there.

So we just press up from the bottom, there’s nothing sharp at the bottom, that’s going to get you the needles right down in there, so then we have this, it’s got an arrow and you point the arrow towards like the hinge, so then it just sits in there like this, so you have to replace the needle basket with this K-Cup and then you can close the lid, so this one’s a little more work, it does a really good job, it’s just you’ve got to take this out and then when you want to do K-Cups again, you got to put this in so and then with these again you can just treat it like a normal K-Cup, you leave your needle basket in put it in and you’re ready to go.

So i’ve done a detailed review on this Coffee Maker with using K-Cups, this is a very good very quiet Coffee Maker like i said Keurig just came out with it exclusive to walmart, it’s got 6, 8 and 10 ounces only, so it’s a very basic but it works really well now with Reusable K-Cups you can brew it on a 6 ounce, if you want i brew mine on 8 ounces because 2 tablespoons of coffee which is the exact same size as a normal K-Cup, that’s what tastes the best to me is 8 ounces, 10 ounces is fine too, but it’s just a little weak but you can brew any one of those with these Reusable K-Cups.

So i do have some paper filters for the Reusable K-Cups, now you don’t need a paper filter that wire mesh will prevent the coffee grounds from going into your coffee but you do get a little bit of sediment, so you’ll get a little bit of fine coffee at the bottom of your coffee mug and if you want to prevent that you have to put a filter in and then put the coffee in.

So here’s what a k-cup looks like that i brewed earlier, so on the right here this is before it was brewed there’s 2 tablespoons of coffee grounds in a paper filter and after you brew them you can see that paper filter turns like a darker color and that prevents that sediment, so if you’re used to no sediment in your coffee mug that’s because K-Cups have a filter built into them, when you do a K-Cup but reusable filters don’t have that paper filter but built in you’ve got to buy these are extra, these are pretty simple, they’re single serve paper filters.

Now the my K-Cup i have not found a reusable filter for this, this cup is such a different design, you know you can’t put these in there, they just don’t fit, so with this you do get a little bit of sediment but again i don’t think sediments, i don’t know if sediments are good or bad for you but the coffee does taste a little better with sediment and i’m going to show you that when we brew this there will be a little bit of sediment in the coffee.

So you can just get ground coffee, it has to be a medium grind, so it may not say medium grind but it does say filter drip, so this is like for a normal, you know just a normal Coffee Maker that people use, i’m gonna be using just folgers classic roast ground coffee which is ground at a medium grind, you don’t want the coffee too fine, it won’t go through the pod and it’ll back up and you don’t want it too coarse, you won’t get the flavor extraction.

So perfect pod does sell this easy scoop which is exactly 2 tablespoons and these cups are when you got this scoop, they’re pretty easy to fill up, you just scoop it up, it’s exactly 2 tablespoons, you put this lid on and then it goes right into the cup, one thing i like to tell people look out for make sure there’s no coffee grounds on the lip, and you just simply close it.

So that is very easy now, we come over to the machine, now we can treat this just like a normal K-Cup, we just put it in here, we close the lid, sometimes you don’t want to make sure that you don’t want to have to force it, make sure this lid is all the way down, and then you’re gonna just do an 8 ounce brew, and you can save a bunch of money, this way it’s about half the price to brew with a Reusable K-Cup compared to a normal k-cup.

So there we’ve got a 8 ounce cup of coffee using our own coffee grounds with a Reusable K-Cup again, these are about 75 cents, 50 cents to 75 cents a piece and i’ve done the math you can brew your own coffee grounds 2 tablespoons for about 20 cents, 20 to 25 cents depending on the coffee, so people ask me how this tastes it, tastes really good and i’ve done taste comparisons with compared to a K-Cup and i don’t know as much difference.

So let’s go over clean up careful these pods can be hot, so let’s open it up, they do a really good job brewing the coffee grounds, so you do have a little extra cleanup work to do rinsing this out and everything but there’s what your coffee grounds look like with the Reusable K-Cup, so now let’s brew one with this, this is Keurig’s design, i’m going to use this same scoop because it’s just so easy to use got my 2 tablespoons going to put the lid on and then it puts it right in there you’ve got a max line don’t fill it above the max again, this holds a little bit more coffee not much, you’re going to put it in here again.

Now with this new design, it’s got this red thing, this is for the K-Supremes, if your Keurig has 5 needles on top but make sure this is on for this Coffee Maker, if this is not on you’re gonna have a big mess, trust me i know because i’ve done it and the coffee grounds come out these holes and they go into your Coffee Maker, so we’ve got that on start in the unlocked position push it on tight and just turn make sure it’s sealed all the way around again, push up get the basket out again, put this the arrow, there is an arrow and kind of this big notch, it’s going to go right there make sure, it’s nice and flush, because you don’t want to force this handle, you can break this handle relatively easy, there nice and easy, so again here it’s your choice, i always brew these on 8 ounce but you can brew a 10 ounce or a 6 ounce.

So there you have a really nice cup of coffee, now there’s no coffee grounds in there, you will have a little bit of sediment, i’m going to show you that sediment in a little bit, but now let’s take the pot out, this is the Reusable K-Cup, be careful it can be hot but you just unlock it, pull that off, you’re gonna have to wash this out because that gets some stuff on it, you just pull this off, that’s just an o-ring holding it and you can see, we got a good pretty good brew process going on in there.

So there’s the coffee grounds you do have some cleanup work to do with this one also but it looks like it did a pretty good job with the coffee grounds, okay so let’s put the needle basket back in, i always say have it, so you can read caution sharp needles and the needle goes towards the hinge and just snap it back in now, let’s do another pod but this time use a paper filter.

So these are all three about the same even the perfect pods not too far different, so i’m just gonna brew with these, this is the deli brew again, you don’t have to use a paper filter but i am going to show you that you can use a paper filter, if you want it does make clean up a little easier, so you’re going to push it in, they come pre-formed but you got to push it down a little bit because you’ve got to make room for that coffee, so now let’s get our 2 tablespoons of coffee grounds, i like to go just a little bit less than 2 tablespoons because that paper filter takes up some room and you’re just gonna dump it right in the middle, it’s okay if it mounds up a little bit the main thing here.

Keurig K-Express - Reusable K-Cups Single Serve Coffee Maker
Keurig K-Express – Reusable K-Cups Single Serve Coffee Maker

So you’re gonna sandwich the paper filter between the lid but just make sure there’s no coffee grounds here, so we’re just gonna push this down make sure it’s nice and tight, there’s no coffee grounds on the outside of the pot or they will get into your drink and there’s no coffee grounds under the lip, so now we can treat this like a normal K-Cup, we come over to the Coffee Maker, we simply just press put it in there like a k-cup, press the lid and again i like to do 8 ounces, i’m gonna do an 8 ounce.

So this is a Reusable Filter or a Reusable K-Cup with a paper filter in at this time to me, it brews exactly the same except you won’t have a little bit of sediment in your coffee, you can see the coffee’s coming right out of the bottom of the needle basket, sometimes Reusable K-Cups you will get water coming out around here, that means they’re not working very well, that means water is leaking around the top and coming down, you want all the water to come out right here through the K-Cup and some Keurigs Reusable K-Cups just don’t work on all Keurigs and sometimes different ones work on different ones and but i have proven that these work and i’ll show you exactly which brands work on this K-Express Coffee Maker, so again be careful just going to lift it up, we’re going to grab the K-Cup and again these all taste the same.

So these two have a little bit of sediment in it, they might taste a little bit better and this is going to be more like out of a k-cup but the main reason you can use these, so say they don’t make a K-Cup with the coffee grounds you like or if you’re trying to save money or be a little more environmentally friendly, these Reusable K-Cups work really well for that.

So let’s go over clean up is a little easier, you can grab the filter, you do have to clean the lid up a little bit, still but inside is pretty clean, you’re still going to wash the whole thing but there’s the paper filter, so here i’ve got all 3 coffees that i brewed remember both of these too this was the one with a Reusable K-Cup without a paper filter, this was the my K-Cup without a paper filter and this was with the paper filter.

So as you’re drinking your coffee, you’re gonna probably notice down at the bottom of your coffee, you do get that’s that sediment, i was telling you about again, i don’t know if it’s good or bad for you but when i first saw it, just kind of like i was wondering what was going on because i’m so used to like coffee out of the normal Coffee Maker, most people use paper filters and K-Cups, i have paper filters in them here’s the my K-Cup same amounts or i didn’t think that my K-Cup has a little bit more sediment and let’s do the one with the paper filter, yeah no sediment none, you know the coffee might even look a little darker with the ones with sediment and if you read online a lot of people swear by the sediment saying it’s just a more richer taste now. I do think there is something to that it does to me taste a little more, it’s not more bitter but you do taste more of a coffee taste to it.

So again this brand new Coffee Maker from Keurig K-Express does a really good job with Reusable K-Cups, now i can’t i have not tried every Reusable K-Cup but like i said the i-parts plus, this is amazon’s number 1, the deli brew is amazon’s number 4, the max-wear is amazon’s number 2, the perfect pot is number 3 and then the my K-Cup is like, i know it’s a little bit farther down but Keurig really likes this, my K-Cup and it did work really well in here, the things i used was the perfect pod scoop paper filters, this is amazon’s number 1 best selling disposable filters for K-Cups and they’re almost identical to a perfect pod and you can use your own coffee grounds remember, it has to be ground to a medium grind and again you do get some sediment in your coffee, so that’s just what that is down there but this is a really nice Coffee Maker and it does a really good job with both K-Cups and Reusable K-Cups.

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