Keurig Cleaning Kit – Cleaning and Descaling Instructions

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I’m going to go over the brewer kit for the Keurig Cleaning Kit and show you complete care of your Keurig Machine, so i’ve had this for 6 months and i haven’t done it, so i’ve been a little negligent as far as cleaning my Keurig Machine but i got this kit comes with 2 or 4, actually of the rinse pods, 2 filters and a descaling solution.

The descaling solution is pretty much, just white vinegar, so if you don’t want to buy the kit, you can do that, let’s go over what’s in here, so there’s the 1 bottle of the descaling solution 4 keurig rinse pods, 2 keurig water filters. Let’s go over the instructions : Insert the rinse spot in there brew and 8 ounce brew and then you get rid of the rinse pot and then you perform a 8 ounce, just a water brew and you’re good to go.

So first things, first let’s open it up, let’s see what’s inside, so you have a filter, you have a second filter, i already opened this bottle up before to look at the instructions, just so that the articles doesn’t get too long but there’s a descaling solution here, and then you have a bunch of these 4 of these rinse pods.

The descaling solution has like i said white vinegar, it removes the mineral buildup in the little tubes and dispensers of the Keurig Machine, it’s a orderless and it should be used every 3 months, let’s peel off this to look at the Keurig Cleaning Kit – Cleaning and Descaling Instructions.

Step one, you press the power button, turn it off, put the entire bottle of the cleaning solution in the reservoir, then you do a 12 ounce, so for this machine the largest brewing size is 12 oz but whatever the largest brewing size for your machine, you’re going to do that until you run the reservoir out, so you put a bottle of the descaling solution a bottle of water and then you run the descaling solution, until you empty the reservoir and then you wait 30 minutes, it says after 30 minutes, now you just make sure you do.

So it doesn’t say here on this bottle but take out the filter before so there’s a filter in there, take that out before you do this descaling step unless you’re using your old filter, then it’s fine, you can leave it in because you’re going to throw it in and throw it away anyways but you should just take out the filter, then run these descaling solution, 1 bottle of this discussion, 1 bottle of just tap water, you add that in here, run bruise until you run out of the reservoir, it’ll say add water then you can empty both the reservoir and the cup of water.

So let’s do that, i’m gonna go ahead and empty the water from here, so here’s how you take out the filter, you’re going to just pop this thing off, you press both front and the back here and then the filter comes out, so i’m just going to put the filter here for now. I’m going to pop this back in, you just snap it in place like that and then let’s open up this descaling solution, all right, it has a little silver thing that i had already pulled off, you’re gonna pour this in and then we’re gonna fill it up with just tap water and then we’re gonna put another bottle.

So 1 bottle of the descaling solution, 1 bottle of tap water as the instructions say and then we already have an empty cup of water, we’re gonna have to open and close, you press 12 ounces and then you run it, so i had to run it for 2-12-ounce brews and now the add water sign is on, so i’m gonna go ahead and empty this cup, as well as empty the reservoir.

Now i have to wait 30 minutes, before i can proceed to the next step which is filling the reservoir with just clean water and then running it, so actually before while we wait for the 30 minutes, we may as well go ahead and clean the whole device, so i’m going to show you how you can clean it.

So we can go ahead and pull this plastic piece off here it, just comes right off, there’s little push tabs in here well, there’s no tabs but you can just kind of pull it off, so this whole thing comes off, you can wash this, you can wash this reservoir and this stuff, just with soap and water and of course this bottom overfill tray, you can wash, so i’m going to just use soap and water and wash all of these pieces off, i also have this little brush.

So you want to wash that off with soap and water and you can just kind of scrub all of this stuff over here scrub all of this and wipe it down, okay so there, these are sharp so be careful that you don’t hurt yourself, this part is already clean because that’s where the k-cup holder was but this is kind of my procedure, so we’re going to just wipe all of this off dry it off, and then we can reinstall these two tabs on the k-cup holder line up with the two holes here.

So you can just kind of line it up and pop it in, let’s go ahead and while we’re waiting for the 30 minutes, we can go ahead and open up a new filter and then pretty much the new filter has to be soaked in water for 5 minutes, so i just filled up a cup of water with a cup of tap water, i’m gonna soak it for 5 minutes, once it’s soaked you gotta rinse it for 60 seconds, so you can do all of this while your 30 minutes are going on.

Keurig Cleaning Kit

Keurig Cleaning Kit

So let’s wait for that, so this has been soaked for 5 minutes, i gotta rinse it for 60 seconds, i’m just gonna hold it here, this while, this rinses, this thing as i showed before, there’s 2 taps on the sides, you just push it through all right, so before i start the articles, i was already rinsing it, so i’m done more than 60 seconds the weight goes in is this side up and then this snaps in here, and then we put this back in the reservoir, all right, it snaps in place, just like that.

We can put it back where it belongs well, let’s fill it up with water first, otherwise we won’t be able to do anything, so you fill up the reservoir with water, all the way to the top as high as you can go because you’re going to need to do 12 brews of just fresh water, so 12 grooves of water to wash out the descaling solution from the pipes and that’s going to take a while again no pod.

So we’re going to leave that empty but we’re going to pick the biggest bruise size which is 12 ounces for me and i’m going to go ahead and brew, i’m gonna do this cycle 12 times and come back and follow on with the rest of the steps, now this is going to take me at least 10 to 15 minutes to do 12 times but as it this is the Keurig K Supreme, you can use the same kit with the Keurig K Supreme Plus, the same filter as well as some other Keurigs, if you have the Keurig K Mini or the Keurig Mini Plus, you will not need these the filters, they only use the descaling solutions but let me do this 12 times and i’ll come back all right.

So i’ve done it 12 times and because of all the steam that collects here, this is all going to be wet, so you can kind of wipe it off, i already wiped off and there’s still a lot of water but that’s okay, so now you want to use this rinse pot, so we’re going to pop in a rinse pot and close it, just like usual and you’re gonna do 1, 8 ounce, so this is not the 12 ounce, 8 ounce brew and so we’re going to let that run.

So i’m just going to make sure with the instructions, so insert the Keurig Rinse Part Brew an 8 ounce brew and then you throw away the rinse part and you just do a plain 8 ounce water brew and then this and then everything’s done, you’re good to go your Keurig, you must have washed off everything, i told you to like the tray the K-Cup Holder in there, the water reservoir you’ve descaled the machine, you’ve used the rinsing solution this rinsing solution.

I have i think has baking soda that mixes with the citric acid or the vinegar and the descaling solution, gets it all out of the system, so this is the last step after this after this there’s just the one water brew and then you’re done, okay so i did the rinse spot and now this is just a 8 ounce again, 8 ounce water brew and once this is done, we’re done with the cleaning process your Keurig Machine should be like new and ready to go anyways.

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