Keurig 350 Review – Why It Is So Popular

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In the last several years, coffee has come quite a long way in regard to the products that are able to produce a perfect cup of coffee. In fact, prior to the advent of Starbucks, and the many other chain coffee houses, there was not really a way to create a fantastic cup of coffee as we were limited by the very basic coffee makers that were available. Of course, you could purchase those that had a timer which would allow you to set when it would turn on in the morning, a convenience that often sold many of these basic coffee makers. It wasn’t until the last few years that coffee machines that could actually do something exceptional such as make lattes, cappuccinos, and other types of specialty coffee came out on the market at an affordable price. There is a new type of coffee maker, one that will actually make one cup at a time, theoretically saving you time and money. One of the best products in this area is the Keurig K350 which we will now review.
Who Is Keurig?
Keurig is a company that is based in America, specifically in the state of Massachusetts, and has a worldwide presence. It produces what are called individual coffee makers, as well as a host of different accessories and supplies, that are designed for people that are interested in coffee machines that do not create an entire pot of coffee, but single cups at a time. The main product that they sell is called a K-cup which is essentially a plastic container in which there is a coffee filter and ground coffee beans, sealed airtight. Once this is placed in one of the Keurig brewery devices, it will puncture a hole into the container, hot water will be forced under pressure into the small area similar to how a cappuccino machine works, and it will produce a perfect cup of coffee. Initially, it was primarily used just for coffee, but due to the popularity of this type of product, it is also used for hot chocolate, tea, and the creation of fruit drinks as well. There are many companies that have actually received a license to take part in the K-cup phenomena which includes Bigelow tea, Coffee People and the Caribou coffee house.
Keurig 350 Review
In this Keurig 350 review, you will clearly see why this product is so popular, and why it has a definite marketplace. If you think about people that are on the go, not wanting to spend time creating their own cup of coffee, this is who these products cater to. The reason that people go to Starbucks in the morning, waiting in line, or going for the drive-through, is because they don’t want to be bothered with the entire process of taking the coffee out, or grinding the coffee beans up, and then waiting for the coffee to be created. There’s also the possibility they won’t make a very good cup, or that the wrong amounts of sugar and cream will be added. The Keurig 350 takes care of one aspect of this problem which is making a perfect cup of coffee very quickly every time. This particular design allows you to choose from many different brewing sizes, from four all the way up to 60 ounces. The newer model will only work with the K-cups with the barcode on the top, so do not expect your old K-cups to work with the newer model. As usual, you simply just load the cup in, press the button, and it brews a cup of coffee. Of course, you will have to add the water up to the filler line, and simply wait for the machine to do the rest which is why people buy this product and why the Keurig 350 is so popular right now.

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