How To Make The Eggnog Latte At Home

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I’ll make coffee and chat. Earlier this year a certain coffee shop decided to discontinue the eggnog latte. I was like what? It’s a classic! luckily they brought it back. but just in case they pull something funny on us again I’m going to show you how to make the Eggnog Latte at home! First I’m going to take a medium saucepan and add in ¾ cup of eggnog. What is eggnog? It’s like a drinkable custard that’s made up of eggs, cream, sugar, and nutmeg, that’s really popular during the holidays. Sometimes they spike it with rum or bourbon, but today we’re going to spike it with Coffee. 
Next, I’ll add in ¼ cup of milk and heat it up on medium heat until it starts to steam. While it’s heating up I’m going to get my shot of espresso ready. I’m placing my Vietnamese coffee filter on top of my mug and then taking a heaping tablespoon of ground coffee and adding it to the filter. I’ll tamp it down with the metal piece and then I’ll pour in boiling hot water until it reaches the top of the filter. The I’ll let it sit until the water drains. Finally once my eggnog and milk is ready, I’ll add it to the coffee mug and voila – my eggnog latte. 
This is so rich and creamy, especially when you add a dollop of whipped cream and a sprinkle nutmeg on top. It really brings out the flavor of the Eggnog. I am just trying to catch up on Christmas shopping and I have a full list left to go. I got my niece and nephew these really cute “Janimals” you know the ones where you wear the stuffed, the wearable stuffed animals? I kind of want one for myself. I hope this eggnog latte perks up your afternoon.

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