How To Make Delicious Frappuccino – Keurig Coffee Recipes

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I’m going to give you an Recipes of the How To Make Delicious Frappuccino, A combination of a frappe and cappuccino, the Frappuccino is a coffee beverage blended with ice and milk and often topped with whipped cream. Today, we’ll show you how to make a coffeehouse quality Frappuccino with 100% Organic OneCupJava Love Coffee from Organic Coffee Company using your Keurig at-home brewing system. For this recipe, you’ll also need 6 oz. sweetened condensed milk, ice cubes and whipped cream. Start by inserting a 100% Organic OneCup Java Love Coffee into your Keurig machine. Brew the strongest cup of coffee your brewer will allow into your mug. 
Next, pour the sweetened condensed milk into a blender. Add the brewed coffee to the blender on top of the milk. Blend the coffee and condensed milk together until fully mixed and frothy. Put the blended mixture in your fridge for about 10 minutes to cool the coffee. Once the coffee is cooled, fill a glass ¾ full with ice cubes. Pour the coffee and milk mixture over the ice. Top with whipped cream or drizzle with a flavored syrup and add a straw. Enjoy the velvety taste of this coffee house beverage on hot summer days. And the best part of the OneCup Single Serve Coffee from Organic Coffee Company is that, it’s 97% biodegradable, toss it in the trash with a clear conscience. 

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