How To Keurig K-Supreme Descale

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I’m going to show you how to keurig k supreme descale, so i’m going to be using the keurig descaling solution is your descale light on, this is how we’re going to get it to go off, and you should be keeping up on descaling about every 3 months.

So you can get this off amazon for 20 or go to walmart and get it for six bucks exact same quantity and everything first thing we’re going to do is over here at the water reservoir. If you’ve got a water filter in here, you may have a water filter, that filters your water make sure you remove that we’re going to dump out this water that we have in here right, now that black thing down there that’s not the water filter you would notice that it’s kind of a big thing that sticks up in here.

So i’ve got the water emptied out we’re going to make sure we don’t have a k-cup in here, we’re going to leave this empty for the entire process, now this case supreme is a little nicer machine it, actually has a descale mode and we’re going to go into that mode.

I’m going to show you how to do that and it kind of does an automatic descaling process for us, you need to give yourself about 20 minutes to do this about 20 to 30 minutes, so the manual for this is really good and it talks about using the descaling solution and it, actually gives you directions on how to use this, but if you ever wonder where the directions are on this bottle, you got to peel this and once you peel it we’re going to be using for keurig brewers with a water reservoir, basically we’re going to empty this entire contents into the reservoir, and then we’re going to fill this bottle up with water, and dump it in there.

I’m also going to do another article with vinegar but this is citric acid, this is what keurig recommends they also allow you to do vinegar, but it takes a little bit longer this is a really quick way to descale your coffee maker. So we’ve got the water reservoir empty, we’re just gonna pour this in the entire contents, it doesn’t smell that’s one of the nice things about using this solution is it doesn’t really smell vinegar kind of leaves it smells a lot and you got to do a lot of rinsing. so then i’m going to take the bottle, i’m just going to fill it up with just fresh water, now i’ve got this bottle full of water, i’m just going to dump the water.

So i’ve got my solution and my water here that’s all we’re going to use, so make sure it’s plugged in we want to leave it plugged in, but we’re going to do some we’re going to turn the power off, so we need to make sure the power light is off. We’re going to press and hold the 8 ounce and the 12 ounce at the same time for 3 seconds and then that starts to flash and the descale light comes on, we’re going to press this descale or this k button now this starts the descale process it’s going to run that solution through, and clean the heating element inside here have yourself kind of a bigger container, because we’re going to be throwing this away, we’re gonna do this process until the add water light comes on.

How To Keurig K-Supreme Descale
How To Keurig K-Supreme Descale

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So right now the descale light’s on and we’re gonna keep doing this until the add water light comes on, okay so it’s gonna stop around the 12 ounce mark, so i’m gonna go throw this away, we’ve still got some water to run through the descale lights on the add water light’s not on yet so and the k button’s flashing, so i’m going to press the k button again, it’s going to run another 12 ounces through here, and we’re going to continue to do that and like i said until the add water light comes on, okay so after running the second cup of 12 ounces the add water light comes on it’s flashing.

So we’re going to leave everything the way, it is now i still have some water and descaling solution in here, i’m going to take this over to the sink, i’m going to dump the rent this remaining out and i’m going to wash this with soap and water, and put fill it up with fresh water.

So i cleaned this out and i filled it up, this is just fresh water now up to the max line, so we’re still in descaling mode, and all we’re going to do now is now we’re going to do the rinse, we’re going to press the k button, so we’re still in descale mode i haven’t touched any other buttons, but this k button now it’s going to run, it’s going to run the water through here, and rinse out that descaling solution.

We’re supposed to keep doing this emptying this after 12 ounces, and then press the k button until the add water light comes on again, once that add water light comes on again, your machine is going to be sufficiently cleaned out of the descaling solution, and it should exit the descaling mode if it doesn’t exit the descaling mode, you just want to unplug your machine wait about 3 or 4 minutes and plug it back in, now it says if your descale light, if you can’t get it to go off you’re to do this whole process again, so with another bottle descaling solution run it through the machine, and see if you can get that descale light to go on but this descale light is on now because we’re in descaling mode and that light should go out when we’re done.

So when you’re doing this it does kind of splatter now normally this doesn’t splatter when it’s making coffee, but the stream is coming out so soft that it kind of splatters, so it does make kind of a mess, so it might be a good idea to put a towel around it, okay so when i got down to the bottom after about 4 or 5 of these emptying out it gets down to the bottom and the descale light just automatically goes off, and powers off so that worked really well, so now i’m going to fill the water reservoir up.

So i’ve got my water reservoir filled up again for the second time, now i can just turn power on my descale light is out it came out of descale automatically, so this is a really nice mode i really like this again, you might have to wipe this off it does get quite a bit of steam and water around here, but it also kind of cleans out the needles really good and everything and that’s all you’ve got, so about 30 minutes to descale this again walmart’s about 7 dollars, but amazon really charges i think, because it’s shipping something that’s maybe not good through the mail or something but definitely walmart has a really cheap.

So you might see on amazon, this is their number one descaling solution and i tried it, i don’t like it, it’s 7 dollars on amazon the bottle is a lot smaller, but what i noticed is it’s citric acid and another type of acid, but it’s kind of soapy and you know this one’s a little soapy, and you get a little bit of suds from it, but this one just seemed like you got a lot more. So this has a lot of reviews, a lot of people buy it you know and it says, it’s for compatible with keurigs, but i just don’t recommend it you know walmart is selling this for 6 dollars, i just i would get it at walmart for 6 bucks.


  1. Well that is complicated. Stream of consciousness makes for difficult to follow instructions. I can’t get this to work for my Keurig K-Supreme. How about clear step-by-step numbered instructions with “what you should see in the little window” after each step???

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