How To Get Your Morning Coffee Fix For Less With The Reusable K Cup

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Coffee machines that use the k cup system are a coffee lovers dream. Simply pop in the k cup, push a button, and instant, hot coffee is at your fingertips. It does not matter what time of day or night you crave this beverage, it is ready and waiting for you. K cups can also be purchased not only in coffee varieties, but you can also find them as hot cocoa, tea, and iced drinks as well. The only downside to k cups are that they can get expensive if you drink a lot of coffee each day, and that is hard to justify when on a budget.
This is where the reusable k cup really makes itself known as being beneficial. While the standard k cup has a one and done lifespan, the reusable alternative can be used thousands of times without problem. So, how does this simple little device work, and where can you buy one?
The reusable k cup is a two piece system. There is the hard plastic shell that sits in the k cup machine, and inside is a small mesh basket which holds the coffee. The first thing you need to do after purchasing the system is to give both parts a clean with dish washing liquid and hot water. Give it a dry, and then it is ready for use.
Unscrew the top cap of the plastic outer shell, and remove the mesh basket that sits inside. This is where you will put the coffee grounds that you want to use for your drink. You can use any flavor of coffee that you like, it just needs to be ground coffee (not beans). The strength that you like your coffee determines how much of the coffee grounds you should put in the basket. For example, if you like very strong coffee, then fill the basket up with the coffee grounds. If you like a medium strength, try only filling up the basket to the 75% level. You may need to experiment a a few times until you get the strength you like.
Once the coffee has been spooned into the basket, tap it a few times on a nearby hard surface, like a counter. This compacts the coffee down so the water really catches all the flavors as it moves through. After this step, place the basket back into the hard outer shell, and screw the lid back on. This shell now gets placed into the machine where you would normally place a standard k cup. The machine is then run like normal to produce the perfect cup of coffee. This device can be purchased online, at mass retailers, and in specialty coffee stores.
If you want to make a difference to the environment by using products that can be used more than once, then this device is for you. You still get the coffee kick that you love, but without the price tag. And, you can still purchase the other one-off k cup to have as a treat.

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