How To Descale Keurig K Express

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How To Descale Keurig K Express – I’m going to show you how to descale keurig’s latest keurig machine the k express essentials. I’m going to show you how to descale it. So keurig recommends you keeping up on descaling at least every 3 months but they’ve added a descale light to this machine and it’s going to come on after 250 brews. So after 250 brews the light comes on the only way to get the light to go out is to descale it.

Now keurig has come up with a kind of a newer way of descaling, you put the machine in a descaling mode and you’ve got to run through the process, that’s the only way to get the descale light to go out, you can’t simply just run vinegar through it, you know do some bruise and some rinses like on some older cure eggs, that’s not going to get the light to go out and you have to follow the step all the way through, you can’t interrupt the process. It’s a little tricky and that’s why i’m going to show you and some other things.

So if your coffee is not tasting as good as it should or if it’s not as hot or if your machine is stuck, this is a really quiet machine but if your machine is starting to get a little loud, then you know it’s time to descale, if you’ve got really hard water, you’re going to want to descale at least every 3 months, if you don’t at least
every 6 months or at least when the light comes on that, when the light comes on, you know you’ve done 250 brews.

So the first thing is make sure you don’t have a cake up in we’re going to leave this empty, but you do have to have this lower needle basket in, so just make sure this is empty for the entire process, then we’re going to take the water reservoir, we’re going to empty the water that’s in there, now you may this does a tall water filter
handle will fit in here.

I don’t have it in here right now but if you’ve got a water filter carbon water filter, take it out, it’s going to stay out for the duration, so we’re going to empty the water that’s in the reservoir right now. So the directions i’m following are right out of the manual for this brewer which is unusual keurig didn’t used to put their descaling procedures in there the manual that came with the machine, but they’re starting to do that now.

So here we have the descaling solution, this is $6 at walmart, it’s about sometimes, it’s 20 on amazon, so i would definitely try to get it at walmart, so if you ever wondered where the directions, are you see this little thing that says peel here well ? when you peel there it reveals a bunch of directions now, we’re going to be using the
directions for keurig brewers with water reservoir but this does not give specific directions on how to put it into descale mode, you have to follow the the descaling procedure in the manual and that’s what i’m going to be following and you have to follow it.

All the way through to the rinse, so even if you lift the handles somewhere in between, it’s going to knock you out of descale mode, so do we’re going to run the Descale Keurig K Express through the machine and then we’re going to fill this back up with water, and we’re going to run the water through after we’re done doing both of those then the descale light will go out and you’re out of descaling mode.

I really do like these the Descaling Solution, it’s odorless and it just seems like a better product, so the first thing we’re going to do is we’re going to open it up, we’re going to pour the entire contents of the bottle into the water reservoir, it might be a little sudsy on you or like a little bubbles, now we’re going to take this exact same bottle, i’m going to take it over to the sink and fill it up with normal.

Okay so i took that same container that was empty and just filled it up with tap water, i mean you can use a bottled water or filtered water. If you want but then we’re just gonna pour this in here, what this is gonna do this is gonna give us a one to one ratio descaling solution to water that’s what they want, so notice how it’s not filled all the way up, but that’s okay, that’s the exact amount, we want in there reinstall your water reservoir, make sure you’ve got a container to catch the water something that’s easy you’re going to be dumping it out a bunch.

So this is where it gets a little tricky, i’m going to put this off to the side, you got to leave the unit plugged in, so before it was on and again your descale light might be on, and you can do this procedure even before your descale light comes on, you don’t have to wait for the light to come on. So if your unit is on, you got to turn it off, leave it plugged in. So with the unit off, we’re gonna hold the 6 and the 10 buttons in together for 3 seconds until the 8 light comes on.

How To Descale Keurig K Express

How To Descale Keurig K Express

Okay see how now we can let those up, we’re in descaling mode, you can see the descale light is flashing now, when i press this 8 button, that’s when it’s going to start running the Descale Keurig K Express, through i’m gonna have to keep pressing this button until the add water light comes on, once the add water light comes on, i’m gonna take that reservoir empty it out put fresh water in there, don’t do anything, don’t turn it on, don’t press any buttons, don’t open the lid, that can then once, we add water, it’s gonna stay in descaling mode because it wants to do the rinse once, the rinse is done, then you’ll come out of descaling mode automatically.

I’ve got my descaling solution in got my container, i’m not going to touch it the lid, i’m not going to touch and open this do anything, i’m just going to press the 8 button now, and it’s going to run that Descale Keurig K Express, that’s in the reservoir through the machine again, keurig has just started, doing this on their keurig machines, they didn’t used to do this descaling mode in the past.

You could get the descale light to go out just by simply running some vinegar through it but now they’ve tied it electronically, you’ve got to put it in the descale mode and you’ve got to run it all the way through, i’ve gotten some comments people can’t get their lights to go out, and they kind of they interrupt the process halfway through you know, because it you would think, okay i’ve done the descale.

When i do the water rinse that’s on my own or something but now you’ve got to keep it in descaled mode even to do the water rinse, so it ran 10 ounces, so make sure you got a container that holds 10 ounces, i’m still in descale mode and i’ve got to hit this button again, see how it starts flashing, so i’m going to empty this i think, this will hold another 10 ounces, so i’m going to press the 8 button and what i’m doing to keep pressing that 8 button every time, it stops until the add water light comes on.

So there’s a very important step coming up when this add water light comes on, you’re not going to press the 8 anymore, don’t bypass this step, make sure you’re watching for this add water light to come on, and i know i’m in descale mode because the descale light is flashing, so at the end of the second brew, your add water light could come on, see we’re getting down really low and this could mess some people up, so if at this point, if your add water light is on, you wanna stop and remove all the water out of the reservoir, because that’s got Descale Keurig K Express in it and you’re just going to fill it up with fresh water.

I’ve got to do one more 8 ounce, so this is my third time pressing this button but the first time i did it, i only did 28 ounce brews and the add water light came on, and i kept going by pressing 8 ounce buttons and i went out of descale mode too early, so this add water light is very important to the logic of the descale mode, okay see how my add water light came on, i don’t want it, i don’t want to touch the machine, i just want to come over here now.

I’m going to lift the reservoir off, i’ve still got some descaling solution in here, i’m going to rinse all, i’m going to dump that out, you might it, might have came on up here, and i know you’re thinking, i got more descaling solution, but you don’t want to run it, through it’ll disrupt the logic empty this out clean it out with soap and water and fill it up with fresh water.

Okay so i cleaned this out, i got it filled up to the max now, this is just fresh water, i’m going to show you what happens when you put it in, so here’s what happened well it should have the add water light should go away, so here’s what should have happened, it didn’t happen at first when i filled this water reservoir up with water and then i first put it on the add water light went away, but then it came right back on.

So i don’t know exactly what happened but i just lifted the reservoir off i dumped half the water out and then i put it back on and now it’s what it should be, see we’re still in descale mode, you may not see this but i want to include it in the articles, just in case you do. So now i’m going to fill the water reservoir up with an extra container, i’m not sure what’s going on there, so now i got clean fresh water up to the max line.

I’m still in descale mode that’s important, see when that add water light was on, i didn’t it, didn’t reactivate the 8 button, so now i’m just going to press the 8 button, now it’s going to do the fresh water rinses through the machine, now we’re running the fresh water through i’m still in descale mode, and i’m going to keep pressing the 8 button until at the end the descale light should turn off to let you know that you’re out of descale mode.

So there’s the end of the first fresh water wrench, you can see our water has come down a little bit the descale light’s still flashing, i’m going to press the 8 button again, so this descale mode you might have some problems with it, i’ve had problems with it to get mine to work, they’ve got some issues to work out, i think with this a little bit but i think if you retry that’s why i included that where the add water light did not come off or they had water light came on, even though the water reservoir was full.

I want to include that in the articles, you may not see that but i’ll bet some people will because usually when something’s like this, other people experience it too is what i found out, so we’re still in descale mode, i got to press the button again, i got some more, i got quite a bit of water left in there, okay here’s the end of the third one, okay so see there’s what happened all the lights went out, i’m out of descale mode and your descale light should have went out even though, i still have some fresh water in there well, it’s below the minimum line that’s probably why.

So now your Descale Keurig K Express should be ready to go, so if you wanted if you wanted to run a few more fresh water rinses that would be fine, you could just lift the handle and run some 10 ounces, you know put some water in the reservoir and do some more 10 ounce water reservoirs through here but at least now you’ve completed the descale mode and it should put the descale light out.

Now the manual says if your descale light didn’t go out, you’re supposed to do that procedure again, so i might just try water next time, you know if your descale light didn’t go out, maybe you interrupted the procedure and now even though you Descale Keurig K Express, maybe you just messed up the the process the logic of it and couldn’t get the light out, so maybe i would just run some water. through it on descale mode.

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