How To Descale Keurig K Express

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To make sure your Keurig K Express coffee brewer can perform its best result, performing descale Keurig K Express routinely is important. Here’s How to descale Keurig K Express.

Keurig K Express is a first-class coffee maker with a truly welcoming price. With Keurig K Express, you can enjoy a sip of rich and freshly brewed coffee in minutes. The coffee variants and brands in K-Cup pods will also elevate your morning caffeine routine. How to descale Keurig K Express is not too complex. Here, we are going to show you descale Keurig K Express.

Descaling Keurig K Express

Keurig, which features a single entrance needle, recommends regularly descaling no less than three months. Even so, this machine has a descale light which will come after 250 brews. To make the light goes out, you must descale Keurig Express. Simply put the descaling mode and wait for the procedure processing. Running vinegar into the machines will never turn the descale light off.

Some signs indicating that it is time for Keurig Express descale are when you hear an unusual noise, your coffee is not as hot as it used to be, or when your brewed coffee doesn’t taste good as normally. You may wait until the light tells you it is time to descale. But, it is better to do it every other three months.

Here are the simple steps to follow:

First step: First rinsing descale solution

  1. The first important thing is emptying the water in the Water Reservoir. Prepare a large glass or cup – we highly not recommend a paper cup. Put aside the KeurigTM Water Filter.
  2. Now, power off the machine by pressing the Power button.
  3. Use KeurigTM Descaling Solution and pour a bottle of the liquid into the Water Reservoir. Once the bottle is empty, fill it with fresh water and pour the water into the Water Reservoir as well.
  4. Turn on the brewer again by pressing the Power button.
  5. On the Drip Tray, place the large glass or cup you’ve prepared earlier.
  6. Push the Brew Button to rinse the brew. Wait until 6 ounces of water comes out.
  7. You know that the six-ounce water has been dispensed when the machine stops.
  8. Dispose of the dispensed water.

Second Step: Second rinsing descale solution

  1. Redo the above brew procedure until the Touchscreen says “More Water Please.”
  2. For no less than 30-minute, let the brewer on. After that, remove any KeurigTM Descaling Solution leftover and wash out the Water Reservoir entirely and perfectly.

Third Step: Rinsing fresh water

  1. Fill up the Water Reservoir with clean water until -but not exceeding- the MAX FILL bar.
  2. Begin the rinsing brew and put the large glass on the Drip Tray.
  3. Repeat the actions more than ten times.
  4. Now, your descale Keurig K Express should be ready.

Continue Descaling the Machine

During the Keurig Express descale process, a foam might come out from the brewer. No need to worry because it is a common result of the scaling inside. If it happens, there are easy steps you can do:

  1. Turn off your machine and unplug it.
  2. Ensure there is no longer KeurigTM Descaling Solution left in the Water Reservoir.
  3. Once again, rinse it properly.
  4. Fill the Water Reservoir once more with a bottle of fresh or filtered water.
  5. Plug in the coffee maker and turn on the power.
  6. Repeat the third step above.

Once you’ve done those six steps, your brewer should function as usual. However, if the foam continues to dispense, you can unplug it for not less than a half hour and conduct the clean water rinse once more.

Maintenance Care

After learning how to descale Keurig Express, you must also know the maintenance alerts. Good maintenance will keep your Keurig K Express delivering its best performance by brewing rich and full-flavored coffee.

You know it is time to change the water filter when it shows “Time to replace the Water Filter!” The machine will give two options for you to respond to this alert. You can choose “Continue” or “Not Now.” We, of course, recommend replacing it right away if the alert shows up.

This alert usually appears if you have brewed 1,000 ounces coffee. When you replace the KeurigTM Water Filter, pick YES to restart the WATER FILTER REMINDER information.

How To Descale Keurig K Express
How To Descale Keurig K Express


My Brewer doesn’t seem to turn on

If this happens, plug the machine into one power outlet instead of double or more socket outlets. Make certain that your coffee machine is plugged firm and steadfast. Then, press and hold the Power, to ensure that the Touchscreen is on. If the power still doesn’t turn on, check your house’s electrical switch.

My Brewer doesn’t brew

Check if the Touchscreen shows brew and the Handle is in a lower position. If it shows a “More Water Please” message, fill up the Water Reservoir and ensure it is seated fittingly. But even after refilling fresh water the “More Water Please” message still appears, then first empty the water from the Water Reservoir.

Later, clear the Water Reservoir more appropriately and place it back properly. Fill up the Water Reservoir until it reaches the MAX FILL bar.

The problem may also occur because the brewer requires a descale Keurig Express action. If the condition persists, you can always contact Keurig Express customer service.

The power is on and off by itself

If your Keurig Express machine turns on and off automatically, check the AUTO ON/OFF settings. Also, it may be because of a low water quantity that causes one filled cup to be unable to be prepared. Hence, add the water to the Water Reservoir.

Only a half cup is brewed

This issue is probably caused by the Water Reservoir. It may have been detached during the process. You can replace it first and conduct a rinsing brew without a pack. Descale Keurig K Express can also be a solution.

Remember that the best way to clean your brewer is by descaling it at least once every three months. Meanwhile, to polish the machine’s exterior, simply wipe it with dampened soft material. Immersing your brewer in water is highly prohibited. We hope this article about how to descale Keurig Express is helpful.

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