How To Descale Keurig K-Duo Plus Coffee Maker

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Step by Step instructions on How To Descale Keurig K-Duo Plus Coffee Maker

I’m going to show you How To Descale Keurig K-Duo Plus Coffee Maker, so this is a really nice coffee maker and k-cup machine, it’s over 200, so we really want to keep up on the descaling process, we should be descaling this about every 3 to 6 months. I’m going to show you how to descale it with the actual keurig descaling solution and distilled white vinegar.

I’m mainly going to be working with the descaling solution, okay again this is at walmart for 6 dollars but if you ever wondered where the instructions are if you see the little sign there it says peel here, so if you peel this open it shows you where all the instructions are for k duo brewers, it’s got instructions.

So the instruction manual for the k duo brewer online also has some good descaling instructions and that’s what i’m going to be going off of today, now since this is a k duo, it’s got the coffee maker side and it’s got the k-cup side, so we gotta do a little bit of extra work because it’s got dual brewing you got to give yourself over about an hour and a half to finish.

So first thing make sure no coffee filter, no coffee right there, make sure your coffee pot’s empty, no k-cup, we’re gonna make sure that’s nice and empty no cake up there water reservoir, we’re gonna empty out the water reservoir and we’re also gonna take out our carbon water filter.

Now i don’t have my water filter in there right now, but i’m going to take this holder out, we’re going to leave that out for the entire process, so the instructions say we’re going to open this up, we’re going to dump the entire contents of this bottle into here, now the nice thing about this keurig solution, it doesn’t really have a smell to it where when you use vinegar, it does kind of stink a little bit.

So now i’ve got the entire contents poured into this reservoir, i’m going to fill this bottle up now with just fresh water and dump it in there, now your descaling solution might be a little bubbly like soapy looking then that’s fine i’m using water for demonstration purposes, so now i’ve got this thing completely full of water, i’m gonna pour the water in here.

So that’s it’s fill that’s as full as your water reservoir is gonna be, it’s got one bottle of pure descaling solution and then one bottle of just water, so for this first part, we’re going to run the descaling agent through the k-cup side, so since this is a K Duo. I’m going to take the coffee pot out first and i’m going to use a cup and i’m going to do 12 ounces through the cake upside.

So no cake up in i’m going to turn the unit on, i’m going to hit the k-cup button, k-cup 12 and brew, so that’s going to take that descaling solution and run it through the k-cup side and when this is done, i’m going to throw that liquid away, okay so i’ve still got some descaling solution left in my tank.

I’m gonna go throw this away, now i’m gonna put my coffee pot underneath here again, make sure there’s no coffee in here, i’m gonna press the coffee button now, and i’m going to do the 12. even though i don’t have a full pot of water here, they want me to select the 12 cups on the coffee pot side and then brew.

So what’s going to happen is, it’s going to brew the rest of that descaling solution, it’s actually going to run completely out of water and it’s then that descaling solution will end up here, then we’re going to let it sit for 30 minutes, okay so it runs the water completely out and then it stops the brewing process and add water light comes on.

So at this point we can take this out and clean this out but we’re gonna let the machine sit, we’re gonna let it sit for 30 minutes, after 30 minutes i’m going to clean this out, and fill this up with fresh water. I’m also going to this will have some descaling solution in. So i’m going to kind of rinse this out too.

So it’s been 30 minutes i’ve let it sit like i said i’ve got make sure you empty this out and i’ve got this clean, i rinsed this out with soap and water and cleaned it up with fresh water, now i have to mention, so running that descaling solution completely out to me seemed a little different than what i’m used two.

I would have liked to stop the machine with the descaling solution about there that way you don’t run that pump dry
because i would think you would want the descaling solution to kind of stay in the machine instead of running it all dry but i followed the manufacturer’s instructions because that’s what we should do keurig, i would think knows best but if it was me i think i would just stop.

How To Descale Keurig K-Duo Plus Coffee Maker
How To Descale Keurig K-Duo Plus Coffee Maker

So when i did that 12 cup and and it runs the descaling agent completely out, i would just turn the machine off when it got, so it doesn’t suck it dry and let it sit for 30 minutes but and when you’re done just rinse it out and fill it up with fresh water.

So now the descaling is done but we got to rinse this machine, so you’re going to give yourself some time here, we’ve got to do some rinses on the k-cup side, so we’re going to run make sure there’s no cake up in here still, we’re going to run some water through the cake up side and we’re going to do 3 fresh rinses through the coffee pot side.

So you’re going to be filling this up quite a bit, so the first thing we’re going to do it says is 3 pots of fresh water, so i’m going to come up here though it’s on, i’m going to do the coffee side 12 and there so now remember no coffee filter in here or anything, it’s going to run this whole thing of fresh water through the coffee maker side, it says i need to do that 3 times.

So and it takes about 10 minutes to do each pot, so you can see right there that’s gonna take you 30 minutes right there after this is after we do the 3 pots of coffee, we’re gonna do four 12 ounce brews on the k-cup side, so make sure you’ve got a container when we do the cake upside we’ll just brew it into a container.

Okay so i finished up with 3 pots of fresh water through here, now i’m gonna switch over to the k-cup side, so i’m just gonna double check, make sure there’s no cake up in here, put my container down here. I’m gonna hit the k-cup side 12 ounce and brew, i want to do this 4 times, i’m gonna do it until the tank is in until it shows a little water, i might have to fill this up again but you definitely want to rinse this out quite a bit keurig descaling solution like i said doesn’t stink a whole bunch, but you definitely want to make sure you get it all out of the keurig of the k-cup side and the coffee maker side.

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