How to Descale Keurig 2.0 With Vinegar

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How to descale keurig 2.0 with vinegar
Descaling is a process of cleaning the keurig brewer. The process to descale keurig 2.0 with vinegar involves use of white distilled vinegar and using a laid down procedure. This is done to ensure that the heating element of the brewer is cleaned of any residues from evaporated water.
After water from the brewer has evaporated, it leaves behind calcium carbonate. Left to accumulate for long, it affects the performance of the heating element hence reducing its life.  Vinegar contains acetic acid that is strong enough to clean effectively.
What is required for the process?
Descaling process requires use of distilled white vinegar. The amount of vinegar required for this process is not definite but should be adequate to ensure a full cleaning process is undertaken. It should be enough to fill the reservoir.  This is alongside plenty of clean water that will be used in the rinsing. 
Cleaning procedure
Before starting on the cleaning process, it is important to ensure that any water remaining in the reservoir is removed completely. The K-cups used in the brewer should be removed completely. This should be alongside removing the filters and any other enhancements installed in your brewer. After removing these, you are then required to switch on the brewer and remove any time settings that may have been set previously. This is to ensure that the cleaning process is not interrupted by the set turn offs.
This is followed by filling the reservoir with the distilled white vinegar. Before brewing to clean the brewer, it is important to have a mug beneath the spout. It is in this mug that the already used vinegar will be collecting during the cleaning process. You then start the brewing process with the appliance on the brew water mode. This should be continuous until the message “add more water” is displayed by the brewer.  The remaining vinegar should be left in the brewer for a minimum of four hours to ensure that the heating element is cleaned accordingly. Setting the timer is the most ideal way to ensure that time is adhered to. After this time, the reservoir should be disengaged and the remaining vinegar poured out in the sink.
The rinsing process
After vinegar has been used, it is important to rinse the brewer accordingly. This is done by removing the reservoir and rinsing it in clean running water. This should be done for at least 30 minutes to ensure it is clean. It should then be filled with water and placed back into the brewer. The brewer should be run again in the water brewing mode until it displays the message “add more water”. This should be repeated until the water being produced is free from any tastes.
Final step in the process
The final step to descale keurig 2.0 with vinegar, rinse the water reservoir again and filled with water. The filters should then be replaced together with the reservoir. The water in the reservoir is used to clean the K-cups which should be replaced alongside other enhancements. The same process of brewing is repeated to clean the K-cups but using clean water only in place of vinegar.


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