How To Descale Keurig 2.0 With Easy Steps

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The Keurig coffee maker has become an integral part of many family and office routines. People become dependent on that caffeinated serge to help get them through the toughest parts of the day. When the machine stops pumping water, does not brew, or just trickles into your cup, it is telling you the time is come to descale. The steps in how to descale Keurig 2.0 are fairly simple.

Most machines have an indicator descale light that turns on notifying you when it needs to be cleaned. However it is a good idea to run this maintenance before the light comes on. Waiting too long before you descale can make the cleaning process a lengthy one. Descaling and maintenance of your machine will not only ensure you have a tasty cup of coffee but will also help to prolong the running life of your coffeemaker.

The tools you need for descaling are very simple. You need pure white vinegar. Clean water. A water vessel and of course your Keurig machine. Typically you will want to descale every three months or so to keep everything in clean working order. This easy maintenance process can help avoid problems down the road.

The first step is to begin with your water reservoir. Depending on how many minerals are in your drinking water you will notice build ups that occur around the edges of the base of the water reservoir and the interior. You will also notice build ups in the corners. A good scrubbing by hand will usually clean up most of this build up. If you are having a hard time with getting it out, just fill the reservoir with vinegar and let it set overnight so the vinegar can break up the residue.

Next you need to descale the tubes in the machine known as the pump lines. You need to be sure your water reservoir has been cleaned thoroughly first so you are not pumping more debris into your system. Once this is done you can then fill the reservoir with your pure white vinegar. Be sure there are not any old K-cups still sitting in the machine before you begin to run it. Now run large cup cycles through your machine removing the hot vinegar as you go.

Now that you have run the vinegar through the lines let your machine sit for a few hours while turned on. This allows the vinegar to stay hot and work on dissolving any build up there may be in the lines. After sitting for a few hours run large cup cycles of pure water through your machine to flush out all the vinegar and debris in the lines. Run it through until you no longer smell or taste vinegar residue in your cup.

Following these simple steps on how to descale Keurig 2.0 at regular intervals will help to keep your coffee machine running at its best as well as providing you with a great tasting brewed cup of coffee every time.

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