How To Cleaning Your Brewer Keurig 2.0

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If you find that your Brewer is not operating at peak performance, you might try cleaning the needles, it’s a simple process that can greatly improve the performance of your Brewer the only tool, you need is a paperclip, you’ll need to straighten one and paperclip. Let’s start by cleaning the bottom exit needle first power of the brewer, unplug it and remove the water reservoir, next remove the pack order from the brewer, use caution the needles are sharp, grasp the signs up the pack older, and gently pulled away from the brewer, now press the buttons on both sides, separate the pack holder from the housing, push the lever to reveal the bottom, exit needle pull the lever down as you flip the pack older over.

Now insert the straightened and that the paperclip into the exit needle to loosen any clocks, when you’re done rinse the pack older thoroughly with water reassemble and set aside. Now let’s clean the diffuse its bad right here, remove the diffuse clean it with the clock rinse thoroughly and replace, next will clean the top entrance and exit needles with the handle open look under.

You’ll see the entrance and exit needles here and here using the paperclip clean both holes at the exit me, don’t like this, you may have to tilt the brewer slightly to get a better view, but don’t tell the bride were too far, they’re still water inside, remember that the needles are sharp, so be careful ones who claimed the top exit needle move on to the top entrance needle, now with the pack older back into the brewer.

You’ll hear a click place the water reservoir on the brewer, and make sure it’s filled to the max Bell line with bottled or filtered water, then gonna cleansing breath your needles are now clean and you’re ready to brew again, if you notice your Brewer is still not operating at peak performance repeat this process again or try descaling your Brewer referred to the D scale articles keurig.

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