How Switching To A Reusable K Cup Can Save You Money

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If you like good coffee, you are probably careful with the tools you use to prepare it. The basic percolator is probably not your cup of tea, so to speak. Since Keurig coffee brewing systems are quite good, chances are you’ve bought one for your home. Unfortunately, such coffee makers work only with their special pods, thus forcing you to buy a coffee brand or flavor which might not be your first choice. Moreover, the coffee inside these pods will never be the highest quality one. You are never going to find pods with kopi luwak, for instance.
The solution for using your own gourmet coffee is to buy a reusable K cup. It is a high-quality filter made from metal, which can be used in Keurig machines. You can load your reusable K cup with any coffee you wish. This is how you can enjoy the flavor of freshly ground coffee without having to buy another machine to prepare it. Of course, if you are a real coffee lover, you might have lots of devices at home, from the old drip filters to the stylish and reliable French press. However, not all of us can afford to have lots of expensive appliances and kitchenware, so we need to make use of what we can in order to satisfy our preferences.
Some might say that a reusable filter is a contradiction in terms with the convenience of Keurig machines. Although it is true you have to wash your filter after each use, it is also true that this cleaning consists of simply dismantling the cup and rinsing it with cold water. If you want, you might add some mild soap into the water, but this is not mandatory. As a matter of fact, it’s probably better to avoid the use of various detergents, as they might clog the filter and lend a strange odor to your coffee.
How Switching To A Reusable K Cup Can Save You Money
How Switching To A Reusable K Cup Can Save You Money
K-Cups are ready available in stores and online, so you won’t have a hard time in buying one, should you be willing to switch from pods to this innovative filtering system. At first sight, you might think such a cup is expensive, so you should better stick to the pods. This is not true. You can use this metal filter for many years to come, so you can prepare literally thousands of coffee cups without having to replace it.
The cup works in most Keurig home brewers, but you need to be careful if you need it for your commercial Keurig machine, as they don’t fit any of them. If you have any of the home brewer models, you can safely buy your reusable filter, as it is going to fit for sure.
Why get used to drink a coffee you don’t enjoy, when you have the chance of preparing your own gourmet choice of coffee without having to spend money on a new brewer? Give the K-Cup a go and you’ll see the difference!

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