How Descaling Keurig 2.0 Using Vinegar Works

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How descaling keurig 2.0 using vinegar works

Descaling keurig 2.0 using vinegar is an ideal way that ensures that it is cleaned adequately.  In order to achieve this, you are required to follow the due process. The reason behind this undertaking is to ensure that calcium carbonate that remains behind after water has evaporated is removed accordingly. This not only ensures that the flavor of the coffee is not affected but an important maintenance procedure for the heating element.
Preparing the brewer for cleaning
Before starting on the cleaning process, it is important to prepare accordingly. This will include among other things removing the K-cups from the brewer. This should be followed by emptying the brewer’s reservoir of any remaining water. Filters should also be removed at this point.  Finally turn on the brewer and disable any automatic shut-off settings. This is done to ensure that the brewer remains on for the whole time of cleaning that the process will be on-going. It is then important to get distilled white vinegar that will be used in the process.
The cleaning process
The cleaning process starts with pouring the vinegar in the reservoir.  This should be done until the reservoir is full. The amount of vinegar to be used therefore will depend on the size of the reservoir set the brewer on water brewing mode. It is important to place a mug under the spout where the vinegar will be collected. 
Vinegar that collects in the mug should be disposed. The brewer should be left to run until the reservoir is almost drained. This is indicated by the brewer through the display that will indicate “add water”.  The vinegar that remains in the brewer should be left for four hours where a timer may be set to give notification when time is up. This is done to ensure that the elements are adequately cleaned.
Rinsing the brewer
To rinse the brewer, you are required to detach the reservoir. This is done to allow for easy pouring of the remaining vinegar and rinsing the reservoir. After pouring the reservoir should be rinsed with clean tap water for approximately 30 seconds. It is after this that the reservoir is filled with water and replaced back to brewer. 
Once connected back, repeat the water only brewing cycle until the water is almost empty. This should be when the brewer displays “add water sign”. After this is done, the reservoir should be removed, remaining water poured and rinsed once again. 
After the second rinse, the reservoir is again filled with water and the filters put back in place. This second reservoir of water is used to brew the k-cups and ensure they are clean as well.
Descaling keurig 2.0 using vinegar is not only an ideal way to keep the brewer clean but one that enhances its durability. The process maybe time consuming but the results ensure tat you will have your brewer running for many years. This is alongside ensuring that the great taste of your coffee is not affected by the dirt and residue from evaporated water.

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