Considering the Keurig K350 vs K300 for the Best Coffee Maker

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Keurig k350 vs. k300 are kinds of the great coffee brewer that can be your choice. However, knowing the details of it will be great matter to know the best of it for you.

Do you drink coffee in your morning? Well, drinking coffee in the opening day will be great choice in order to have the more spirit to reach your whole days. Well, it is reasonable because the coffee consists of the great antioxidant that will bring the nutrition to your brain. In this case, in order to have the best coffee maker, we will compare the kinds of it. Here, we have the Keurig k350 vs. k300 as the examples of it to be considered. Check it out!

The details of Keurig k350

Here, we will talk about the detail of the k350 in order to make clear the comparison between the great Keurig k350 vs. k300. In this case, let’s talk about the serving size. The serving size here will be useful to know the portion about your coffee when you want to make it. Here, it has the k-Cup pack for 4, 6, 8 and 10 ounce. With the details of the machine, this brewer will be able to brew the kinds of drink such as the coffee, hot cocoa, chai and mochas.

Then, we move to talk about the appearance as another case in comparing the k350 vs. k300. In this case, the k350 has the gray-scale 2.4 inches touch display. The touch display here is the new technology that will be great matter of this machine to assist you. Then, it has the black as the major color. The black here will be useful to give you a classical look. So, it is not only a coffee brewer but also the accessories to beautify your kitchen décor.

The details of Keurig k300

Then, as the competitor of the great Keurig k350 vs. k300, we have here the k300 as the competitor of the previous version. Here, we will try to compare it with the same comparison with the previous model. Here, in the k301, you also will find the great coffee brewer that will be useful to provide the delicious coffee for you. It has the same serving size with the previous model. Also, the function of the brewing is also same because it comes from the same company.

The matter that is different with the previous model when we talk in this Keurig k350 vs. k300 is the feature. This machine has the 70 ounce illuminated water reservoir with the flip top lid. Then, the 2.4 inches of the touch display also will be great matter of it. In other hand, when we talk about the appearance, you will see the more colorful matters there. Here, the manufacture announces that it has the black, vintage, white and some mixed colors that can be your choices.

By the some explanations above, we all know that actually the result of the comparison of Keurig k350 vs. k300 are similar. However, let’s see about the price matter. Here, the k350 is priced around $149.00. Then the k301 is priced around $170.00. So, which one is the best for you?

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