A Complete Guide To The Keurig 350 And Everything Keurig

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Single-serve coffee machines like the Keurig 350 are quickly replacing the more traditional 12-cup brewing models on the market today. Unlike the traditional coffeemakers on the market that take at least a little bit to brew, a great single-serve system like the Keurig can brew you a great cup of coffee in less than a minute.
While there are quite a few of these single-serve coffeemakers on the market, Keurig is among the most popular. If you are thinking of trading in your traditional machine for a Keurig, read on for a few things you will want to know.

What are the Benefits of a Keurig?

There are many benefits associated with machines like the Keurig 350; some of them are listed below.
  • One of the major benefits of course, is that a Keurig can brew a gourmet cup of coffee in under a minute, making waking up late and not being able to have a cup of coffee on the way out the door a thing of the past.
  • The one touch system gets rid of the burden of having to pour water into the pot and add grounds to the filter.
  • You don’t waste coffee, because it doesn’t sit on a hot burner until it tastes scorched and you have to throw it away.
  • Keurig offers a brand of gourmet coffees, known as K-cups. You use one K-cup to make a single cup of coffee, so there is no muss, no fuss, and the coffee comes out fresh and fragrant every time.
A Complete Guide To The Keurig 350
A Complete Guide To The Keurig 350

What are the top Features of the Keurig?

There are many different models of Keurig on the market today. They can be bought for commercial use, but this article covers the ones for consumer use instead. Some of the top features of every top Keurig model can be found below.
  • You want to look for cup size when you are figuring out which Keurig to buy. The smaller the cup, the stronger the brew, so if you like your coffee strong enough to stand on it’s own, then you will want a Keurig with small cup capacities. The machines offer cup sizes from two to five cups. Either way you will use a single K-cup, so setting the machine to more than one cup will dilute the coffee when it is done.
  • To some, the idea of having a removable drip tray is not that big of a deal. However, to those that want to fill their travel mugs before heading out the door, the drip tray that can be removed is a great feature to have. You can simply remove the tray, insert your travel mug, and be on your way.
These are just a few of the benefits and features of owning any type of Keurig coffee system. If you are on the fence about whether to switch from a more traditional coffee system to a single-serve coffeemaker, then the features and benefits about should help you make up your mind. If you are constantly on the go, then the Keurig is probably the best system for you.

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