Will The Keurig 2.0 Reusable Filter Work For You?

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Probably in response to consumer demand, Keurig has come out with a branded reusable filter that can get filled with any ground coffee. This frees owners of this coffee maker from always having to buy disposable K-Cup packets. This gives people a lot more choices and helps them avoid the waste of disposing of the used packs. 
Are Off-Brand Reusable Filters Fine? 
People have tried buying other reusable filters, such as the off-brand ones found in coffee aisles at the grocery store. There have been a lot of complaints that they don’t really fit into the Keurig, but it may be because the Keurig 2.0 reusable filter and any other brands have to get dripped in after the pack holder is taken out. They don’t just fit inside like a pack does. 
Why Buy A Keurig 2.0 Reusable Filter? 
There are lots of reasons to buy one of these filters as an accessory to a Keurig. They allow users to blend their own coffee, so they can come up with their own unique strengths, caffeine levels, and blends of different tastes. It might take a bit of experimenting to get it just right. For example, about 3 teaspoons of ground coffee may produce fairly mild coffee, adding enough coffee to completely fill up the filter should make pretty strong coffee. 
It might take a bit of experimenting to get the strength exactly right. It’s probably better to start a bit strong because it can always get diluted with a bit of extra water. 
Advantages Of A Reusable Filter 
There are lots of advantages to replacing disposable K-Cup packs with ground coffee in a reusable filter. It gives consumers a lot more choices, but it is a little bit more complicated to use. The whole point of the K-Cups is that they provide a really easy way to make a decent cup of coffee. 
These are some other advantages to using a reusable filter: 
* Expense: Typically, ground coffee is much cheaper than K-Cups when priced out per serving. K-Cups, for only one cup, may cost as much as $1 each, and for that price, people may as well go out for coffee where you don’t have to wash your own cup. 
* Variety: With a reusable filter, owners can blend just about any type of coffee that they can imagine. This includes different kinds, blends, and and caffeine levels. 
* Coffee strength: With a reusable filter, the strength of the coffee can get adjusted to the user’s taste. 
Consider The Keurig Reusable Filter
If you have a Keurig, a reusable filter is one of the first accessories that you may want to purchase. It is a bit harder to use than just dropping in a disposable pack, but it opens up the door to making almost any kind of coffee, reducing waste, and saving money. Still, you have all of the convenience of making just one perfect cup of coffee at a time!

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