What To Know When You Descale A Keurig 2.0

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If you’re like me, then you will probably have to descale a Keurig 2.0 every couple of months or so. I can’t help it, I absolutely love coffee. I have 3 or 4 cups just throughout my work day writing at home. I’m afraid to find out how much I have been drinking in total!
All of that consumption can wear out a Keurig quickly. They’re amazingly well built machines, but they will require occasional maintenance on your part in order to keep the machine working well and your coffee tasting great.
When you set out to descale your coffee machine for the first time, there are a few things that you are going to need to know. Read on to find out what!
Do You Have The Right Tools?
There are very few models of Keurig that come with the cleaning tools that you need on hand, and those that do come with tools that tend to wear out or get lost very quickly. Do a little research online and figure out what cleaning tools you are going to need. If you are missing a few of them that’s fine: you should be able to find a replacement or an alternative for very cheap. One or two more days without a descaling isn’t going to destroy your machine, so don’t fret as you wait for shipping!
Which Chemicals Are Safe?
As with any appliance that directly touches your food, you’re going to want to be very careful with the chemicals that you use. The parts of a coffee machine that need to be descaled are going to come in direct contact with your brew in a Keurig 2.0, so you want to be careful and to use the most gentle descaling chemical that you can.
Something else that is important to remember: you are going to need to rinse. Flush out your entire system with water at least three times when you descale a Keurig 2.0. this is to remove any leftover chemical, and also flushes out any debris that might be in your coffee making system.
Is This Something That You Can Do On Your Own?
Let’s face facts: not all of us are great cleaners. I’m one of those cleaning deficient people. Cleaning out my coffee machine was an absolute nightmare the first time I tried it. I didn’t know what I was doing, I was grumpy, and I gave up. I bought Starbucks for a week after that. STARBUCKS.
If you aren’t great at intuitively handling a cleaning task like this one, simply go onto YouTube and find a cleaning tutorial. I promise you, they’re everywhere. I had to watch one about five times to finally get the cleaning process down; but I got there in the end!

Well, if you answered these questions adequately then you should be ready to descale your Keurig! It’s not as hard as it seems on the surface, and you’re going to love the taste of your coffee when you’re done, so get out there and do it!

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