The Keurig Single-Cup Brewing Technology

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The two core technologies that enable Keurig machines to brew coffee or tea in less than a minute, without any set-up or clean-up, are the single-cup brewing system and the single-serve K-Cups.  The combination of careful design and innovative engineering results in a simple and error-free process. Firstly the user inserts a K-Cup, which contains the prepared coffee grounds into the Keurig brewing system of choice.  Secondly, place a mug under the machine and push the start button. Within 30-60 seconds, a fresh cup of coffee is ready for consumption.

If you take a cross-section of an individual K-Cup, one will find that the grounded coffee sits within a paper filter. When the machine is activated, a spray nozzle pierces through the foil seal on the top of the plastic K-Cup at the same time a discharge nozzle pierces the bottom of the K-Cup. A precise quantity of pressurized hot water is then forced through the ground and the filter, channelled out through the discharge nozzle and into the cup or mug. By default the brewing temperature is set a 192 degrees Fahrenheit, although this is adjustable in some models.

An added advantage of the single-serve K-Cup is that all the flavours of the beverage come in its own self-contained package. Hence, the machine can easily be used for preparing different beverages without any hassle of carry-over from one user to the next, and indeed from one cup to another.  In fact, the Keurig brewer is so fast and efficient, you can also use it to heat up an exact amount of hot water for things such as oatmeal for breakfast, instant soups at lunch time, and a nice cup of hot cocoa in the evenings! Simply omit the K-Cup and fill the water tank as per usual, prepare your item or container and press brew. Quick and easy drinks or meals made perfectly in next to no time.  

The Keurig Single-Cup Brewing Technology

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