The Difference Between Keurig K300 vs K400 In Coffee Brewing

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Coffee as a beverage has stood the test of time, being passed on from one generation to the next, all the while maintaining its position as the beverage of choice. Currently, coffee is loved by many the world over and its consumption in the U.S pegs it as one of the most popular drinks to date. With over 100 million daily coffee drinkers, there seems to be something about coffee that makes so many people go for it. 
At the very top of the reasons that make people fancy coffee, is its unique acidic taste that is tantalizing when brewed well to personal satisfaction. Additionally, due to the fact that coffee can be brewed in a multitude of ways such as hot coffee, iced coffee, café latte, espresso, cappuccino and in many other ways, there is something for everyone to enjoy. 
This shows you how important the preparation of coffee is in making it a world’s favorite beverage. In the same line of thought, the brand name Keurig cannot escape unnoticed when it comes to coffee brewing. It has somewhat become synonymous with coffee brewing in America and Canada due to the efficiency, consistency, reliability and simplicity of its coffee makers. It is one of the best manufacturers of coffee maker machines and at the helm of their line of products is the k300 and k400 series of machines. 
Each series of machines are designed and optimized to function optimally for a specific and different niche. In this regard, it is very important to acquaint yourself with the difference between Keurig k300 vs k400 and any other product series in the market. However, we will focus on the differences in the k300 and k400.
While comparing the difference between Keurig k300 k400, we will focus on the apparent differences in prices, sizes, features, coffee options, and styles offered by each series. 
  • Style: This model comes in different color styles for one to choose from, including Green Apple, Lagoon, Cherry among others. It has a grey monochrome display.
  • Sizes: The K300 is able to brew one K-carafe or one K-cup amount of coffee at a touch of a button. It is also physically small.
  • Coffee options: The coffee options that come with this coffee maker is 125. K300 are only able to read up to 125 K-carafe and Vue, K-cup pack lids only. 
  • Price: K300 models are cheaper than K400 to the tune of $20.

It is also important to note that the reservoir can hold between 5 and 60 oz. of water. It is partially programmable with energy saving, altitude and filler reminder being the only aspects that can be programmed.
  • Style: This model also bears the same color options as the K300. Its display is coloured and can handle customizable wallpapers.
  • Coffee options: These models can read a greater degree of packs thus offer a lot of more coffee options. 
  • Cost: As mentioned earlier, this model is about $20 more expensive, depending on where you are making your purchase. 

This particular machine features more customization and programming options, including auto starts and shut down times, favourite options and automatic brewing options. The options on water reservoir go up to 70 oz. 
The differences in these two are mostly centered on the amount of programming and customization that you want in your machine.

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