Keurig K400 vs K500 Review

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Keurig k400 vs. k500 review

Coffee is one among the most common beverages globally. The need to brew tasty and more appealing coffee has led to development of better brewing machines by day. It is in the quest to get an insight into the brewers that this keurig k400 vs k500 review is done. This gives detailed information on the two products and what can be achieved in their use.
Water reservoir
Both k400 and k500 comes with a water reservoir. The k400 has a capacity of 70 oz while the k500 has an extra large water reservoir of 80 oz.  Both of these sizes are ideal to ensure that there is adequate water in place to brew several cups of coffee.
K400 comes with a color touch display. The k500 comes with an extra large color touch display. This gives a more clear and better view of the settings and eases controls. When the brewer is unplugged from the power source, the settings on display is lost. When in sleep mode, the display turns off and can be re-activated by simply tapping on the touch screen
Programmable clocks
Both of the keurigs come with programmable clocks. This enhances setting of time that it would take to fully brew the required coffee. This is further enhanced with an alarm to give warnings when the set time expires. The clock is also enhanced with an auto on/off switch to ensure it switches off after the set time. This is created as an energy saving measure
Water filter handle and cartridge
To ensure the water used in the brewing machine is safe and clean, both of the keurig products come with a filter that is enhanced with a cartridge. This also comes in handy in ensuring that any flavored water that maybe in the brewer is also adequately filtered and hence enhance the taste of coffee.
Multi-purpose options
The keurig brewers are created to offer more that just making coffee. When the cups and carafes are removed, the brewer can adequately heat water for use in other applications such as making chocolate or other beverages.
K-cups and carafe packs
The k400 and k500 keurigs come with a pack of 6 K-cups these are specially designed for use on the brewers. Also available is a 6 carafe packs for use with the same.  Unlike the previous models, the cups are coded and the brewer will only work with the coded cups. For those upgrading, the manufacturers offers a replacement.
Quiet brewing technology
The k400 and k500 brewers are enhanced with quiet brewing technology. This is done ideally to reduce the noise while brewing. This is alongside giving an ample chance to hear any alarms when the process is over.
From the keurig k400 vs k500 review, it is apparent that both of these products come with great similarities. This is alongside a few differences that indicate that the k500 is just an enhanced version of the latter model.  Both are ideal appliances that ensure that the coffee brewing process is undertaken in just a minute.

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