Keurig k300 Vs k350 – Which One Is Better?

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Have you been recently shopping for a different coffee maker? Are you looking for something that can make your life a lot easier in the morning? If you don’t have the time to make a cup of coffee, or you would prefer getting into line at Starbucks so that somebody can make yours, you might want to choose something that is a happy medium in between. This comes from a company by the name of Keurig which decided to run with a novel idea which is if you are able to create a cup of coffee very quickly, just a single cup, this might be something that thousands of other people might like to have access to every day. It would save the money, not having to go to a specialty store which can cost up to five dollars or more per cup of coffee. And the added convenience of not having to take out the coffee, put it in the filter, making sure that you have the right amount, all of this is eliminated using these products by Keurig. In this particular article, we are going to look at the difference between the Keurig k300 Vs k350.

Products Keurig Produces

This American company was actually started by a couple of college students back in the 1990s. The entire purpose was to create coffee machines that could brew single cups of coffee. After getting some venture capital startup money from the company by the name of Green Mountain coffee roasters, they were able to launch their first products, and also what they called K-cup packs, which is what you put into the machine in order to create your single cup of coffee. Since that time, they have grown into a multimillion dollar company, selling products in stores nationwide. Two of the most popular models are the k300 Vs k350 which is what we will now discuss.

Keurig k300 Vs k350 – Which One Is Better?

At first glance, when you look at both of these machines, they are essentially the same. Looking very similar to a cappuccino machine, with the exception of the absence of the handle where you would put the coffee end, this instead is inserted on the top inside. You simply put your cup for the coffee below, and after filling the water, pressing the on button. You can also do 4 cups of coffee as some of them come with a small pot which, to most people, is much better, and more cost effective, then brewing an entire pot of coffee every day. Both of these models have cup size options, brewing time settings, and water reservoirs. They have hot water dispensers, a drip tray, and they are programmable. They even have energy-saving features, a water feed plumbing kit, and a water filtering system. The main difference between the k300 and k350 is that it has a 60 ounce reservoir, 10 brewing sizes, and may not be compatible with older K-cups. The main difference is that the k350 has a water filter and the older model does not. Otherwise, they are identical machines that you should be able to get fantastic coffee with every single day that you wake up.

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