How To Keurig Brew Only Hot Water

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I am going to show you How To Keurig Brew Only Hot Water, It’s the same process for all at home brewers with a water reservoir, so we’ll use the Special Edition for purposes of this demonstration. It’s an important maintenance operation to keep the K-Cup® portion pack holder clean especially if you brew hot cocoa and other sweet beverages. All you need is the brewer a clean mug and access to an empty sink. Turn on your brewer and add water to the water reservoir if necessary. Then lift the handle to make sure any portion pack has been removed.

Lower the handle and press brew without using a portion pack, then pour the hot contents of the mug into the sink. It’s recommended to repeat this step one or two more times. Your Keurig brewer is then ready for normal use. Here’s a quick helpful hint.  If you brew hot cocoa or other sweet beverages brew once with the portion pack in the brewer and a mug on the tray. Empty the contents of the mug then open and close the handle and repeat the brewing process with the same portion pack inserted. This will make sure that the needle in the portion pack holder is completely clean of any particles. That is review of How To Keurig Brew Only Hot Water.

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