How To Keurig 2.0 B70 Fix For Half Filled Cup Problem

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I am going to show you How To Keurig 2.0 B70 Fix For Half Filled Cup Problem, I fixed my Keurig model B70 that didn’t work properly. Since that fix, it’s worked perfectly every single time! I’m going to show you what I did to fix it! This articles shows what I did to my machine. Anything YOU do will of course be done at your own risk! My Keurig used to brew half cups of coffee or less.  Other times it would work perfectly. I did notice that when my machine made those incomplete brews there was “water” spilling out of this discharge port into my reservoir tank. I did all of the cleaning methods suggested by Keurig with no luck at all. Then one day, I finally caught a break! There in my reservoir tank I found a small curved white plastic fragment. 
This, I believed to be evidence of a broken internal part. With a bit of patience I took my machine apart and spotted two solenoids with white hoses connected to them. One had hoses that were stained slightly brown with rust. This happened to be the hose that went to that port above my reservoir tank. When I took this electric solenoid apart, I found a rusty metal plunger inside a disintegrated plastic bore. This bore had several broken plastic fragments in it, similar looking to the one found in the reservoir tank! I looked up the numbers on the solenoid, and ordered it off EBay for $9 dollars. I thought something had to make that solenoid disintegrate the way it did, so I proceeded to do some testing. Both of these 12 volt solenoids were powered up on my brewer for over 45 minutes after brewing my coffees. 

They both stayed very warm to the touch as well. If I powered down my machine, the solenoids were still powered up at 12 volts. To protect my new solenoid, I installed a 15 ampere switch to completely power off my machine. I could have used a power bar but I decided to use this method myself. For me, the timer function, and the clock not working wasn’t an issue.  From the time I turn my installed power switch on with the regular power switch, the warm up time for the brewer from cold is 2 ½ minutes. I can live with that. I have for the past 2 years without ever having a problem. I hope this video has helped you in some way! And of course, if you have any doubts or reservations about messing around with your device, take it to a professional just to be safe !

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